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How It Works: Distributed Audio and Video

Hide away sources and relay signals to all your speakers and TVs

How It Works: Distributed Audio and Video

Distributed audio video is your interior designer’s best friend. Through a whole home audio video system, clunky source components can be hidden away in a closet. Replace the pile of remotes with a stylish touchpad flush-mounted on the wall. You can retain your unique style without having to sacrifice your favorite entertainment. Making equipment disappear may sound like magic, but we promise we're not wizards. Below we'll explain exactly how this kind of system works, and how it could fit into your Memorial, Texas home. 

TAGS: Central Control | Smart Home Automation | Whole Home Audio Video

Personalize Your Smart Home With Crestron Control

Relative Home Systems Designs a Custom Technology Solution

Personalize Your Smart Home With Crestron Control

The technology you bring into your River Oaks, Texas home should be the perfect fit, just like anything else you invest in. This doesn’t just mean it’s the right size or fits squarely into your budget. As Crestron dealers, Relative Home Systems can design a full smart home technology solution that gives you control just the way you want it. Work with the manufacturers you love most and the devices you use most, all from a custom user interface designed to match your needs.

TAGS: Crestron | Smart Control Apps | Smart Home Automation

3 Ways Smart Home Control Can Be a Parenting Tool

Manage Your Houston Household with Smart Controls

3 Ways Smart Home Control Can Be a Parenting Tool

Do you find yourself wondering how much easier it would be if you had a nanny to help you with the kids? There’s a solution that can offer support seven days a week, 24 hours a day without taking any sick days or vacations. Help comes in the form of smart home control. Every system in your Houston, Texas home—from security to entertainment—works hand in hand to create a more efficient household. Automated scenes, centralized control, and remote access are a few ways smart technology can help with your daily parenting tasks.

TAGS: Crestron | Smart Controls | Smart Home Automation

Choosing the Right Screen for Your Private Home Theater

How to Bring Dynamic, Larger-Than-Life Images to Your Space

Choosing the Right Screen for Your Private Home Theater

Installing a private home theater is all about enjoying the big-screen experience. Whether you’re watching a movie, your favorite TV show or the Astros, it all just feels a little different when it's shown on a 120” screen. As you’re looking for the best equipment for your brand new theater –from Dolby Atmos-enabled speakers to 4K Ultra HD projectors—it’s important that you don’t skimp when it comes to your screen. You also need to consider that bigger isn’t always better. Read on to see how you can find the right one to fit your room’s specifications.

TAGS: 4K Ultra HD | Dolby Atmos | Home Theater