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Product Spotlight: A Look at This Year’s Savant Systems Upgrades

Find Out How These New Features and Products Could Affect Your Home

Product Spotlight: A Look at This Year’s Savant Systems Upgrades

As your local Savant Systems dealer, part of our job is keeping you updated whenever any new features or products are available for your Austin, Texas home. In this blog, we'll talk about the company's latest releases which include new music streaming and control options, an improved user interface and new video distribution products. Read on to explore all the latest Savant offerings. 

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Improved User Interface

When it comes to the average consumer, the change to the Savant Systems user interface is the biggest news from the company’s Pro 8.0 software release. The new user interface is all about creating a comprehensive view of the system. On your main screen, icons represent all the technology included in the home. If you hold down a particular icon, you can get a drop down menu showing all the control options for that specific subsystem. This general user interface is the same for each room in the home. This way it's easier to get what you want within a few button presses.

New Streaming Options

With more people using streaming services for their entertainment needs, Savant Systems has stepped it up big time in this regard. The Savant Smart Host will now double as an Autonomic media player so you can listen to the likes of Tidal, Spotify, Deezer, TuneIn and iTunes all at the press of a button without having to open a third-party app.

Pro Remote

Earlier this year, a Savant Remote was introduced as a sort of starter-kit to the Savant Systems experience. It lets users control the lights, climate and entertainment in a single room using a smart remote. But what about people that liked the new product but wanted a more comprehensive solution? The answer comes in the form of the Savant Pro Remote.

The new remote will serve much like the company’s mobile app with access to all the home’s subsystems. If you’ve seen the latest commercial’s for Amazon Echo, you know voice control is the next big thing in smart home automation. Well, the Pro Remote will also let you manage your technology through pre-programmed voice commands. Program your system to turn down the thermostat if you say, “I’m Hot” or turn off all electronics when you say “Good Night”.

4K Video Capabilities

Savant Systems also went all in on 4K Ultra HD technology this year. The company partnered with PureLink to develop two new 4x4 and 8x8 matrix switchers with HDCP 2.2 technology to ensure you can watch copyright-protected material.

The new switchers also include video down-converting, meaning your 4K Ultra HD signals can be ‘downgraded’ to 1080p. This way you can use the same switcher for your entire home instead of needing separate ones for HD and 4K televisions.

Are you interested in installing any of these new Savant products? Contact Relative Home Systems to install a new system or upgrade your old one.