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Why Your Private Home Theater Belongs in a Smart Home

A Fully Integrated Solution Helps You Get the Most Out of Your Technology

Why Your Private Home Theater Belongs in a Smart Home

Are you looking to upgrade the entertainment rooms in your River Oaks, Texas home? Now may be the perfect time to invest in a private home theater. Designing the ultimate movie-watching experience involves more than simply buying the biggest 4K TV and pairing it up with expensive speakers. Giving your theater an integrated solution lets you have ultimate control over the environment so you can enjoy your favorite entertainment just the way you want to.

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Make It Easy to Find Your Favorite Content

The primary reason to create a smart control solution in your new home theater is to have easy access to your favorite content and easy control of your equipment. Don’t fiddle with a handful of remotes trying to get what you want when you can have it all centralized on a tablet, touchpad or even your smartphone.

With a control solution from Crestron, it’s easy to pick out what you want to watch, how loud you want it to be, and which screen it should play on if you have a multi-screen installation. You can have DirecTV on to watch the Texans game and switch it over to Netflix in a matter of seconds. Everything’s intuitive, so there’s no need to learn 5-button combinations to make adjustments.

Create the Perfect Theater Environment

Control lights, shades and temperature with a Crestron control solution. Dim the lights from 0-100 percent to find the perfect setting for watching TV, enjoying movies or playing video games. Even window shades or shades covering your screen can be managed from the same touchpad you use to pick out a movie. Don’t worry about having to freeze in a commercial theater ever again. You control the thermostat as well, so you can choose the perfect temperature before the movie starts.

Pull Up the Right Settings in Seconds

Once you’ve found the perfect settings for your private home theater, you can save them into your system as scenes. A “Cinema” scene dims the lights, closes the shades and pulls up your media library. From the same menu, when you pause the movie the lights turn on automatically so you can go grab a snack. A “Football” scene switches the display to your Sunday Football package and lowers the volume so you can talk to your friends while watching the game.

Stay Connected to the Rest of Your Home

With ultimate control of your private home theater, you’re never going to want to leave the room. The good news is that with a smart automation system, you don’t have to! Link your theater to your home security, so the movie pauses when the front door rings. From your touchpad, you can see who’s at the door and open it without leaving your seat. You can also use it to access your intercom system and call for some backups when it comes to snacks and refreshments.

Take your custom theater to another level with smart control. Relative Home Systems helps you create an unforgettable movie-watching experience in your own home.

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