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3 Reasons Why You Really Need an Outdoor TV


Our clients often ask us this question when it comes to their outdoor entertainment options: “Do I really need an outdoor television?” And our answer is always, “Yes, of course!”

Though the initial price may deter some clients, we emphatically stand by our answer when it comes to outdoor TVs. This specialty entertainment component is crafted exclusively to withstand the elements – wind, rain, dust, insects, and humidity.

Whether you’re in Memorial or elsewhere in Texas, you know that the sun and heat are forces to be reckoned with year-round. The initial cost pays dividends over time because this technology solution is built to last in your backyard spaces. Keep reading below to learn three reasons why an outdoor television from Séura is worth the investment!

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Corrosion resistance is critical when it comes to outdoor televisions. From the mounting hardware to the durable enclosure protecting delicate internal electronics, a fully weatherproof entertainment solution is imperative for your backyard in Texas. All critical connections are sealed and protected so sun, heat, wind, rain, insects, and humidity cannot breach the seals.


Ultra-high-definition 4K video quality is available from the powerhouse brand Séura. For outdoor TV installations, it’s important to select a display that suits your desired outdoor placement. Full-sun series TVs are crafted for direct sun exposure with superior UV and isotropic blackout protection. 1,000-nit brightness, which is 30% brighter than other brands, offers a brilliant picture in full sun environments like by the pool or on an uncovered patio area. Adaptive Picture Technology adjusts continually as lighting conditions change throughout the day, so you’ll see your favorite TV shows and movies as the director intended no matter the time.


Operates In Extreme Temperatures

TVs from Séura offer superior performance in extreme heat and cold, from -40 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. Séura is backed by a two-year warranty as well. Proprietary Extreme Temperature Protection features a heating and cooling system that protects electrical components internally and externally. The corrosion-free chassis is specially crafted to safeguard against electrical shock and fire, so homeowners can rest easy knowing their backyard spaces remain safe.

For the best outdoor television and audio solutions for your Memorial-area backyard, contact Relative Home Systems here to get started. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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