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Enhance Your Kitchen with Smart Home Automation

Enhance Your Kitchen with Smart Home Automation

When talking about smart home automation, it’s easy to get lost in what the high-tech gear can do for a house. But whether you live in Austin, TX or any other city, you know that a house is not just a building – it’s your family’s home. And in a lot of homes, the kitchen is where families gather to share their day, plan the next vacation and simply spend quality time together over a home cooked meal. Home automation can make spending time in the kitchen more convenient and a whole lot more fun. Here are a few ways that you can enhance the heart of your home:

Audio and Video

Some people like to relax while listening to music. Some choose to unwind while watching the evening news. And if you’ve ever tried to cook a family dinner, you know it can sometimes be a little stressful. Automated audio and video can help keep you calm while you cook. Smart home automation offers the benefit of bringing your media into the kitchen whether you’re preparing a meal or sitting down to a weekday dinner. And with a smart AV streaming system, like DM 3.0 by Crestron, you’ll have nearly infinite options for when you’re chowing down with the kids or spending a romantic night with your spouse.

Mounted Tablets

Picture this: you’re preparing the most stupendous dish you’ve ever served. You’ve spent hours making it, and your eyes have been glued to the tablet on the counter so that you can follow the recipe in every minute detail. It’s all going perfectly until – whoops, your hand slips and you spill pasta sauce all over everything. Trust us, nobody looks forward to spaghetti-and-iPad. That’s why a wall-mounted tablet with a stable Internet connection is essential to your kitchen. You’ll be able to stay organized without worrying about damaging your technology, or losing track of your recipe.

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