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Future Home Automation Technology

Future Home Automation Technology

We have all watched movies over the decades showcasing what homes of the future will be like. Who can forget the scene in “Back to the Future Part II” when they jump into 2015? Back in the ’80′s, we thought all of that technology was so cool. Now we fast forward to 2012, recall the scene and think of  how today’s technology has transformed our lives.


You have to check out this video on You Tube. It takes us through a futuristic day, showing us how technology will assist us and connect us to the world. While we will all see different aspects in the video that make us scratch our heads, there is no denying that this type of technology will someday be commonplace within our world.

The transformation and forward thinking of home automation technology is moving quickly. In working closely with several manufacturers at the top of  home automation industry, we offer many home automation solutions to put the power to control your home in the palm of your hand.

Oh, and we made it easier for you to travel back to 1989. Click here:

Elevate Your Listening Experience with Loudspeakers by Bowers & Wilkins

Elevate Your Listening Experience with Loudspeakers by Bowers & Wilkins

Regardless of your budget and décor tastes, Bowers & Wilkins (B&W) has a speaker system that fits your lifestyle and entices your ears. B&W offers a line of wireless audio products, a well-regarded line of headphones, and a series of different loudspeakers. The company is best known for its uncompromising approach to loudspeaker design and engineering and recently won the “Stereo Speakers of the Year” award. Whether you live in The Woodlands, River Oaks, or Tanglewood, Relative Home Systems can design and install a whole home audio system sure to impress even the most sophisticated audiophile.

A Speaker for Every Occasion

At the high-end of the speaker spectrum are B&W’s 800 Series Diamond Loudspeakers. When placed in opposite corners of the room, this floor-standing system offers crisp resonance. If you’re looking to class up nearly any room in your home, we suggest the CM8 Series 2. These loudspeakers deliver a sound that is both engaging and comfortable.

Small and Mighty HiFi to Go

If you’re looking for a portable wireless solution for your home, then you’ll want to explore B&W’s pick-up-and-play HiFi speaker. Perfectly sized for bedrooms, kitchens and even outdoor spaces, the T7 is portable and quite versatile. Its wireless connection lets you stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled PC, tablet or mobile phone without the need for a Wi-Fi network. Once charged, the speaker is good for 18 hours of solid playback. Take it with you to the park or your next BBQ.

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