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Will Crestron Home Automation Improve Your Memorial, Texas Property Value?

Will Crestron Home Automation Improve Your Memorial, Texas Property Value?

Acquiring your own high-quality Crestron control system is a tremendous personal achievement. However, there is a question to consider: Will investing in home automation increase your property’s value? The answer is yes! When a home automation system is integrated correctly (most especially during the initial construction), your home immediately advances to a higher value.

Multiple top-tier real estate agents agree that for the right buyer, responsive control is a huge draw. In certain markets, the addition of smart home features, like integrated media rooms, are seen as a must-have amongst high-end house hunters. There’s no question about it, once you experience an integrated home, you never want to go back!

By the Numbers

Recently, the Consumer Electronics Association released a study that said 47% of participating homeowners have a programmable thermostat currently installed in their homes. Thirty-one percent indicated they own a security product while nearly 1 in 5 have monitored security, 9% own a video surveillance system, and 6% have electronic or programmable door locks. Homeowners are also choosing to install entertainment-based home technologies, such as home theater pre-wiring and whole-home structured wiring systems.

Quality is Key

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Picture the Perfect Scene and Crestron Can Create It

Picture the Perfect Scene and Crestron Can Create It

Do you have a difficult time getting motivated in the morning? Do your children incessantly hit snooze on the bedside alarm? Are you tired of tip-toeing across a cold bathroom tile floor each morning? Do you blindly search for the light switches in the bedroom and constantly wake your partner? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ll want to read on because Relative Home Systems has a solution for your Memorial, Texas home.

Home Automation: The Total Package

With a Creston home automation system, you can easily control everything in your home using sleek touch screens, remotes, or your favorite mobile device. Start with one room or outfit your entire home. Crestron has been setting the standard in automation for over four decades, is customizable and will blend in with you lifestyle. One of our favorite Creston features is the ability to create scenes.

Awake Like Sleeping Beauty

No need to set the alarm on your smart phone; not when you have a Crestron system. As your day begins, the bedroom lights slowly turn on to the right level so that when you awake the room is illuminated and you can move about the room with ease. As you make your way to the bathroom, the lights are already on, the mirror TV is tuned to your favorite morning show, and you feel the warmth of the bathroom tiles on your feet.

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