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Ipad Home Control

Ipad Home Control

iPads are fully-capable wireless tablets, that not only run control system apps for your home, but can also control your home while you are there or away.

Most top manufacturers of residential control systems are offering iPad specific control apps that are capable of the following:

Lighting-Adjust your lights without leaving your favorite arm chair or your bed. You can adjust individual circuits or bring up global scenes.

Climate Control-Raise up the heat or bump the air down before leaving work and let your A/C go to work while you sit in traffic or run your afternoon errands. Your house will be ready when you return home.

Security-Remotely disarm your security system and then reset for your housekeeper or repair man.

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How Can Home Lighting Control and Motorized Shades Complement Your Interior Design?

Detailed attention is given to every aspect of your décor- so why not your lighting? Customized lighting is important for overall design, enhancing star pieces and flattering other furniture. With the variety of customized lighting and shading options available today, lighting that complements your décor is easier than ever.

Relative Home Systems knows that custom lighting can be used to enhance the natural beauty of your home rather than detract. Great lighting is the icing on the cake of a well-designed interior and can be created for any and every room, not just one location.  Want to know how automated lighting can not only reduce energy costs but spotlight your interior design skills? You’re in the right place.

Enhance Your Décor

A professional integrator such as RHS can construct your scenes of light in “layers” allowing you to assemble the perfect atmosphere with the touch of a button.  A room of featured artwork can be put on display when a guest arrives, simply by engaging a “showcase” setting.   Lighting control can help create a consistent design style throughout a home, replacing clusters of switches in various locations with simple control panels, set to pre-programmed settings, such as “high and low.”  With dimmers and motorized shades throughout your home, natural light can also be included as a complementary layer to an overall lighting control system for the best possible results.

Reduce Solar Gain

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Future Home Automation Technology

Future Home Automation Technology

We have all watched movies over the decades showcasing what homes of the future will be like. Who can forget the scene in “Back to the Future Part II” when they jump into 2015? Back in the ’80′s, we thought all of that technology was so cool. Now we fast forward to 2012, recall the scene and think of  how today’s technology has transformed our lives.


You have to check out this video on You Tube. It takes us through a futuristic day, showing us how technology will assist us and connect us to the world. While we will all see different aspects in the video that make us scratch our heads, there is no denying that this type of technology will someday be commonplace within our world.

The transformation and forward thinking of home automation technology is moving quickly. In working closely with several manufacturers at the top of  home automation industry, we offer many home automation solutions to put the power to control your home in the palm of your hand.

Oh, and we made it easier for you to travel back to 1989. Click here:

Control This, Control That, Control It All!

Control4 has released more apps to be used with their systems to control your home even easier. With apps that help you find the remote that your couch swallowed to playing a game of movie trivia with your friends and family before the show begins, these Control4 apps allow to you to control this, control that…Shoot! Control it all with their seamless integration.

Click here to check out Control4′s 4Store:

If you do not currently have a Control4 automation system but are interested in learning more, give us a call, 281-537-7373, to set up a demonstration at our Champions Experience Center.

Not sure what apps will work best for your life and system or how to download the apps, call our office more information, 281-537-7373.

As a Control4 Gold Dealer, we want improve your life with easy-to-use home automation the Control4 way.




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