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Elevating Every Experience with Today’s Lighting Design


Transform Your Home’s Ambiance with Stunning Illumination

There was a time when lighting design revolved around getting the right fixtures in the ideal places. Flip a switch, and the optimum levels of task, accent, and ambient light filled a room. Today, light has become a centerpiece, an element that can transform your entire home with the touch of one button. 

What changed? High-performance, full-spectrum LED lighting brought an infinite array of breathtaking light, changing how we illuminate our homes. Intelligent shades made it effortless to manage natural light, bringing in the beauty of diffuse sunlight while protecting furniture and fine artwork. Integrated control systems automated the dance between indoor and outdoor light, effortlessly crafting the perfect balance for life’s many activities.

Are you ready to magically illuminate life’s most precious moments in your River Oaks, TX, home? Today’s technology will show the way.

Landscape Lighting Transformed by Today's Advanced Technology

A home’s backyard at dusk with an illuminated pool, plants, and architectural features.

Creating a Changing Outdoor Oasis with the Highest-Performing LED Lighting

Few things are more beautiful or relaxing than an evening spent under the stars in your outdoor oasis in Austin, TX. Whether having friends over for a barbeque or hosting an elaborate event, the great outdoors somehow makes these moments that much better.

Today, homeowners are taking advantage of the latest technology, transforming their backyards into entertainment meccas. Directional under-eaves speakers have transformed into satellite speakers tucked throughout the foliage. Grainy movie screens have given way to outdoor 4K UHD TVs that deliver better and brighter pictures than their indoor counterparts.

One element, however, brings it all together, enhancing the beauty and extending gatherings long into the night. It's the latest LED landscape lighting that changes for every occasion, creating an enchanting retreat with one touch. 

Let's explore what today's outdoor lighting brings to the barbeque. 

Experience the Best Outdoor Entertainment with James Loudspeaker

The backyard of a home with an open floor plan, pool, and fire feature.

Enjoy Concert-Quality Audio in the Great Outdoors

Do you remember the last outdoor concert you attended? With nature as a backdrop, your favorite music was transformed, filling the air and ever-expanding. Today, you can experience that same wonder in your own outdoor oasis.

The top audio manufacturers began performing their magic as more homeowners extended their living spaces. They wanted the same high-fidelity audio that ran through their home to follow them into the outdoors. They wanted the best in outdoor entertainment

At Relative Home Systems, we bring this level of awe-inspiring sound to the great outdoors by partnering with James Loudspeaker. Let’s explore their latest outdoor speakers and how they can elevate every outdoor moment in The Woodlands, TX.

Elevate Your Home with Architectural Lighting Fixtures

An outdoor living space with a fireplace, TV, and architectural lighting fixtures.

How Thinking About Lighting Differently Can Improve Your Lifestyle

Have you ever wondered how lighting can turn your Austin, TX, house into a welcoming home, enhancing its architectural features and creating a captivating atmosphere? The answer lies in architectural lighting. This blog will guide you through the power of architectural lighting fixtures, unraveling the secrets behind creating captivating spaces that inspire and uplift. Read on to learn more.




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