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Beat the Heat This Summer with a Smart Home System

 A family room with motorized shades protecting the space from the heat.

Enjoy the ultimate comfort during this season!

Escape the sweltering heat of Houston, TX, and discover the ultimate summer sanctuary with a smart home system! As temperatures rise, these innovative technologies offer the perfect solution to make your living spaces more comfortable and enjoyable. With advanced features and automation, these systems allow you to control and optimize your home environment and enhance your summer experience. From temperature control to outdoor entertainment, let's explore how smart home systems can help you beat the heat and enjoy this season to the fullest! 

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Personalize Your Home Theater with These Smart Technology Features

Enjoy the drama of movies in your custom home theater.

Add Luxury and Convenience to Your Custom Home Theater 

Most home theaters have similar features—a giant movie screen, surround sound, and comfortable seating. But what features could be added to personalize your home cinema experience? We recommend adding innovative technology to the plans to elevate the luxury and convenience of your custom home theater.

Carefully choose from intelligent features like automated lighting, high-performance audio, and personalized scenes that transform your typical at-home movie night into a fantastic night of high-quality entertainment and enjoyment.

Continue reading to learn how smart technology features can add drama and function to your Houston, TX, custom home theater experience. 

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5 Reasons Why Texas Homeowners Are Investing in Smart Home Automation

A Crestron wall panel provides centralized control of smart home technology.

Change the Way You Think About Daily Tasks in Your Home

Smart home automation technology is changing how Texas homeowners think about daily tasks like turning off the lights, locking doors, and making grocery lists. As technology options continue to develop, they are transforming and adding value to everyday life.

Continue reading to discover five reasons River Oaks, TX, homeowners are investing in smart home automation and how Relative Home Systems can help you find suitable options for your home. 

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4 Myths About Landscape Lighting Debunked

Landscape lighting illuminates a pathway at night.

Don't Miss Out on the Beauty of Landscape Lighting  

A well-implemented landscape lighting design can enhance the aesthetics of a home's exterior while providing elements for improved safety and security. Landscape lighting comes in various shapes and sizes, with some requiring the guidance and support of a professional installation team.

Landscape lighting is an investment in the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. However, some homeowners may have misconceptions holding them back from investing in professionally installed and automated lighting systems for their Houston, TX, homes.

In this blog, we'll tackle four common myths about landscape lighting and what is involved in maintaining beautiful and decorative outdoor lighting control systems. If you have reservations about moving forward, we hope we can change your mind! 

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