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Enjoy Beauty and Ease with a Home Lighting Control System

A dining area with a chandelier. An overlayed image of a smartphone displays the light dimmed to 35%.

One Touch and Automated Control Offers Effortless Living 

For many homeowners, flipping light switches or turning dimmers is the extent of their lighting control. Additionally, the lights these manage usually come in one color, such as soft or bright white lights illuminating a room in one consistent hue.

While this form of lighting control has certainly worked, it's slowly being replaced by home automation, lighting control that utilizes elegant in-wall keypads, customized scenes, voice commands, and preset schedules. And this lighting comes in every color in the visible light spectrum—an almost limitless selection of shades from a single source.

Are you ready to enter the new age of lighting, where one touch transforms your home for every activity and mood? Let's explore today's smart home lighting control and what it offers homes and families in Houston, TX.
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Enjoy Whole-Home Audio Video on Demand

A living room area featuring in-ceiling Origin Acoustics speakers.

Multi-Room AV Solutions Can Be Loud, Crisp, and Even Invisible? 

There are few features as essential to a smart home as whole-home audio video systems. To listen to your playlist in any room or enjoy your favorite movie as part of an at-home cinematic experience is priceless. But what if you already love your home's decor and don't really want to mess with it?

At Relative Home Systems, we offer our clients in Houston, TX, the best architectural or hidden AV technology systems in the market. Read on to learn more about two of our brand partners and how their products are redefining whole home audio!

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3 Signs You Need to Update Your Home Theater System

A luxury home theater with a projector displaying a river landscape.

Elevate your home entertainment experience! 

If you have a home theater system, chances are you are fully aware of how much this solution boosts your entertainment experience. The right AV installations immerse you fully into the exciting worlds on your screen. After a while, however, even the best systems and devices can fail to provide you with the superior content-watching experience you and your family deserve. In this blog, we will explore three unequivocal signs that it's time to reach out to Relative Home Systems to upgrade your home theater installation in Memorial, TX. Keep reading to learn more!

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Unlock True Comfort and Luxury with Home Lighting Automation

a modern kitchen with a glass table and white chairs.

Craft lighting scenes according to your mood with just a button press 

In luxury homes, lighting has evolved beyond its pragmatic origins, allowing homeowners to gain benefits far beyond illumination.

With home lighting automation, you can enjoy complete control over your lights. By pressing a single button or giving a simple voice command, the environment changes instantly, with the lights taking on a hue and brightness of your preference.

These futuristic features aren't something out of a science-fiction story; instead, you can have them at your home by working with a technology expert.

Read on to explore the many benefits of adding lighting automation to your home in River Oaks, TX. 

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