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Expand Your Lighting Horizons with a Ketra Dealer


Vibrant, Tunable, and Beautiful Lighting from Relative Home Systems

The right lighting can make or break the mood of any activity you’re doing on your Texas property. If it’s too dark outside, then you have a safety hazard on top of making your home an enticing target for a potential burglar. Too bright indoors, and your romantic evening for two feels like a surgical operating room! Luckily, you can avoid these experiences with the help of a professional lighting designer.

As your local Ketra dealer, Relative Home Systems can bring innovative lighting solutions and superior design opportunities to your home in the Memorial area. Keep reading below to learn how Ketra lighting can add beauty and luxury to your home.

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Enjoy Lighting Automation and Total Home Control at Your Fingertips


Let Relative Home Systems Bring the Power of Superior Lighting to Your Austin-Area Property

Imagine walking into your Texas smart home and having every space perfectly lit. Your walk from the garage to the kitchen is illuminated so you can safely make your way between these spaces and set down your things. The kitchen lighting is already on, so there’s no need to fumble along the wall for the light switch.

Outside, your property shines brightly to add dramatic curb appeal and deter potential thieves. Nope, you didn’t leave the lights on when you left for work that morning. This is all possible thanks to lighting automation.

Keep reading below to learn how automated lighting and total home control can completely change your Austin lifestyle.

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Home Media Rooms Are Fun for the Entire Family


This Multi-Functional Space Transforms the Way Texan Homeowners Entertain

If you’re a movie aficionado or notorious for Netflix binge-watching, then you know how important it is to have a large screen TV in your home! Pair the big screen with an impressive surround sound system and comfortable seating, and you have the recipe for an at-home entertainment experience that exceeds what you’d find at the local cineplex. 

But if you’re also a gamer, enjoy hanging out with friends and family, and you don’t mind when someone pulls out their phone to respond to a text during a movie scene, then a home media room would be a better fit for your Houston, TX home than a traditional home theater.

Keep scrolling below to learn what it takes to make an entertainment space that’s perfect for the entire family to enjoy at the same time!

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How Does Home Lighting Affect Your Circadian Rhythm?


Learn How Relative Home Systems Can Change the Way You Feel with Light!

It’s incredible to think that the power of light is at our fingertips. Switch lights on or off, dim them, or change the color of lighting within your Houston, TX home with a simple tap or swipe of your fingers. You can use a smartphone app, an on-wall keypad, or a smart remote to adjust everything in seconds. Because it’s so simple, many homeowners don’t give a second thought to their lighting, but a lot of research and development goes into every single light bulb.

And with ultra-modern circadian rhythm lighting, you can do much more than illuminate the task at hand; you can make lighting work for you and support your moods! Keep reading below to learn more about the human-centric functions of this smart home solution.

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