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The Ultimate in Luxury and Ease of Living: Smart Home Automation

A bedroom with large picture windows and a TV that descends from a lift in the ceiling.

Crestron Offers Customized Solutions for Any Size Estate 

As a trusted Crestron dealer serving Memorial, TX, we're often asked where to start in the expansive world of smart home automation. Should we start with one-touch control of our lighting? Or is it better to automate our audiovisual electronics?

Those are good questions. A Crestron smart home is designed for customization, which means we can program just about any device into the home automation system. So, where do you begin? Let's explore the options and see just what smart home living means. 

One-Touch Control 

In a smart home, you control your entire estate from a user-friendly touch panel, smartphone, custom-engraved keypad, or voice-control assistant. Lighting, shades, climate, video, audio, security, smart appliances, pool and spa, and irrigation are all controlled from the same interface. You can instantly change the mood of your home, with millions of colors of lights at your fingertips and audio that travels from any source to any room.

This intuitive platform also lets you know the status of your smart devices and security. Is the front door unlocked and the garage door open? You'll see it at the top of the screen. You'll know where the audio and video are playing, what rooms have the lights on, and the temperature set for each area. 

Programmed Scene 

Relative Home Systems also programs scenes that fit you and your family's lifestyle. Do you regularly leave on vacations or business trips? We'll program an "Away" tab that locks the doors and arms the alarms. While you're away, the shades rise and lower throughout the day, and the lights turn on and off, leaving the impression that it's occupied.

And don't worry about home security! You'll receive alerts if something unusual occurs, and you can check real-time views on the security cameras to ensure all is well. If the housekeeper should come by when you're away, you'll receive a notification and can unlock the door, turn on the lights, and speak to them through the two-way intercom.

Do you regularly have friends and family over for the big game on the outdoor TV or alfresco dining? We'll program the "Outdoor Party" button to illuminate the landscape lighting, fire up the grill, start the overhead misters, turn on the pool and spa lights, and stream your "Outdoor Party" playlist through your home and outdoor spaces. When the game's about to start, tap the sporting icon, and the game begins to play on your outdoor TV. 

 Hidden Technology

Your home is filled with high-performance audio, whether listening to streaming playlists, vinyl, a sporting event, or your favorite movie soundtrack. This blanket of sound surrounds you in your home and outdoor spaces, coming from nearly invisible in-wall and in-ceiling speakers, satellite landscape speakers, and in-ground subwoofers.

When it's time to watch TV, the display rises from your furniture or floor or lowers from the ceiling via carefully installed lifts. This maintains your home's aesthetics, leaving it beautiful and unmarred by technology—the sanctuary it was meant to be.

At Relative Home Systems, we create tailored technology solutions that define effortless living while enhancing our clients' everyday lives. To learn more about smart home automation or to schedule a complimentary consultation, contact Relative Home Systems today. 

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