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Enjoy Beauty and Ease with a Home Lighting Control System

A dining area with a chandelier. An overlayed image of a smartphone displays the light dimmed to 35%.

One Touch and Automated Control Offers Effortless Living 

For many homeowners, flipping light switches or turning dimmers is the extent of their lighting control. Additionally, the lights these manage usually come in one color, such as soft or bright white lights illuminating a room in one consistent hue.

While this form of lighting control has certainly worked, it's slowly being replaced by home automation, lighting control that utilizes elegant in-wall keypads, customized scenes, voice commands, and preset schedules. And this lighting comes in every color in the visible light spectrum—an almost limitless selection of shades from a single source.

Are you ready to enter the new age of lighting, where one touch transforms your home for every activity and mood? Let's explore today's smart home lighting control and what it offers homes and families in Houston, TX.
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How do Biophilia and Smart Home Technology Mix?


What is biophilia? It may sound like a medical term, but it’s not. According to Webster's dictionary, it means "a hypothetical human tendency to interact or be closely associated with other forms of life in nature."

Houston is fortunate to have warm temperatures almost year-round, so it’s not difficult for Texans to get out and enjoy the many natural opportunities in the city and beyond. But work, school, and so many other things activities often require people to spend the majority of their days indoors.

But that doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of technology to bring nature to us. Sometimes that endeavor is called biophilic design, and increasingly it’s being called by more familiar terms like technology for wellness.

Read on below to learn more about using biophilic technology and design in Houston to create environments that bring aspects of nature inside the home.

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Go Green with Home Lighting Control


It is 2020, and as in most new years, people like to make resolutions. One resolution that certainly makes sense is to conserve energy and protect our environment. Conserving energy also has the added benefit of saving money, too, which is another great perk.

Unlike other resolutions that require a lot of work, at least one part of going green does not. With home lighting control, you can easily manage your lights to ensure you are only using what you need where you need it. Once installed, it is a solution that pays green dividends in your Houston home all year long.

Read on to learn how this green living technology conserves energy and brings incredible convenience to your home.

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What Lighting Control Does

Lighting control takes the control away from light switches and puts it in the palm of your hand, as well as automation that does the work for you. Rather than go around making sure lights are off when you’re not using the room, technology can do the job for you. There are various ways:

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