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Unlock True Comfort and Luxury with Home Lighting Automation

a modern kitchen with a glass table and white chairs.

Craft lighting scenes according to your mood with just a button press 

In luxury homes, lighting has evolved beyond its pragmatic origins, allowing homeowners to gain benefits far beyond illumination.

With home lighting automation, you can enjoy complete control over your lights. By pressing a single button or giving a simple voice command, the environment changes instantly, with the lights taking on a hue and brightness of your preference.

These futuristic features aren't something out of a science-fiction story; instead, you can have them at your home by working with a technology expert.

Read on to explore the many benefits of adding lighting automation to your home in River Oaks, TX. 

 Adds a Layer of Aesthetics

 Is lighting just serving a pragmatic purpose in your home? Through home lighting automation, it also becomes a stylistic inspiration in both indoor and outdoor spaces.

Strategic lighting brings artwork, décor, and architectural highlights into the limelight. Additionally, in outdoor spaces, the lights illuminate your yard and landscaping design even after the sun goes down, thus boosting curb appeal.

Play with brightness and colors to choose a scheme that accentuates your favorite features with lighting automation technology! You'll be able to save your favorite settings into scenes for you to pull up easily at a moment's notice. 

Automatic Operation 

With lighting control systems, manage lights with on-wall keypads, touchpads, and mobile apps. But with lighting automation, the lights function for you without you even lifting a finger.

Have motion and occupancy sensors that adjust lighting based on movement. Schedule lights to go on and off according to your routine–for example, slowly turn on when you wake up and automatically turn off when you go to work.

Then there's geo-fencing that allows you to be welcomed by a well-lit home every time. As soon as you enter your home's 'geo-fence', all the lights will switch on automatically. 

Brings the Natural Light Indoors 

Natural light stimulates our circadian rhythm, which helps us sleep better at night and focus on tasks during the day. But when you're working all day indoors, you get little to no exposure to natural daylight.

But lighting automation systems bring the power of sunlight indoors. In conjunction with tunable LED lights, they mimic the color temperature of sunlight throughout the day, allowing you to improve your circadian rhythm with human-centric lights.

Home lighting automation is all you need to elevate your lifestyle. The advanced lighting system can boost aesthetics, convenience, and wellness. We work with the top lighting brands to create the ultimate lighting design for your space. Start your project today by giving us a call at (281) 537-7139 or filling out our contact form. 

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