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Why Working with a Trained Crestron Integrator Matters

As the home automation industry continues to evolve with product advancements and integration technologies, Relative Home Systems is ready to bring our expertise to you! Our new blog is here as a resource to spotlight products and services that will have the most impact on your projects.

Our first spotlight, however, is actually on RHS(or Relative Home Systems, being…us). More specifically, we wanted to take this opportunity to present the advantages of working with an experienced Crestron Integrator.

Why Crestron?

The new home automation systems are sometimes called “Smart Home” systems or “Systems Integration.” Whatever the title, they are all referring to intuitive control of your home's subsystems, including audio/video, lighting, security, CCTV, motorized shades & drapes, pool/spa and more. Besides a consistent system-to-system look and feel which makes controlling your home easier, combining these subsystems into a unified control also greatly eliminates wall clutter. Thermostats are hidden in closets or a mechanical room and backup security keypads and pool/spa controllers can likewise be hidden.

Crestron is a world-wide leader in this home automation control, and RHS is one of a few audio-visual firms that can boast nearly a century of combined Crestron experience. This means that our staff has earned its stripes! Through intensive training and real-world experience, we offer the highest level of expertise and quality in programming our client's integration systems.

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Presenting Crestron Pyng™

For over 13 years, Relative Home Systems has worked with premium names in home automation like Crestron for the best in luxury technology control. Recently Crestron introduced a game-changing update which puts the power of programming in the hands of the homeowner for a revolutionary, premium control experience. 

The new Crestron app, Pyng™ provides a quick, easy solution for setting up and controlling lighting, shades, thermostats, door locks, and security systems in a home. The new home automation app enables complete setup from an Apple® iPad® and control from iPad, iPhone®, and iPod touch® devices. In this blog entry, RHS reviews the benefits of Crestron's brand new interface and software and how Pyng can help you tailor your technology to the way you live.

Customized User Experience
The Pyng app user interface sports sleek graphics and is generated automatically. After RHS sets up your Pyng network, you can perform basic functions such as creating scenes and scheduling events without having to make a service call for updates. As a result, you can choose and name rooms, add accessories, create scenes, and schedule events with ease.

With the app, Crestron homeowners can create and "program" individual scenes instantly. Imagine you've taken the time to create the perfect ambiance for your dinner party - from the lighting to the room temperature - every detail of your environment is exactly how you pictured it. With the new Pyng app, you can immediately capture and record the scene for future use.

Simple Intuitive Interface
The Crestron Pyng SmartObject™ provides seamless integration with other Crestron systems. The Pyng app can run on Crestron TSW Series touch screens and can enable events in the AV system to trigger environmental scenes within the Pyng network. Since the cloud provides backup for settings stored in the PYNG-HUB (at, nothing is ever lost.

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