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How It Works: Distributed Audio and Video

Distributed audio video is your interior designer’s best friend. Through a whole home audio video system, clunky source components can be hidden away in a closet. Replace the pile of remotes with a stylish touchpad flush-mounted on the wall. You can retain your unique style without having to sacrifice your favorite entertainment. Making equipment disappear may sound like magic, but we promise we're not wizards. Below we'll explain exactly how this kind of system works, and how it could fit into your Memorial, Texas home. 

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It’s About Much More Than the Wiring

At face value, it seems like a media distribution system is all about wiring. As long as you have a long enough cable, you can put your sources as far away as you want and just line the cables behind your walls to get the signal to its end point. That’s not really how it works.

Your whole home audio video system actually includes the following components: a multi-channel matrix switch, cables, power amplifiers, speakers, televisions, sources and controls (touchpad, tablet or smartphone). All of these work hand-in-hand to ensure that your signal makes it to its end point without a dip in quality and that your content is easy to access. 

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