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Why Your Private Home Theater Belongs in a Smart Home

Are you looking to upgrade the entertainment rooms in your River Oaks, Texas home? Now may be the perfect time to invest in a private home theater. Designing the ultimate movie-watching experience involves more than simply buying the biggest 4K TV and pairing it up with expensive speakers. Giving your theater an integrated solution lets you have ultimate control over the environment so you can enjoy your favorite entertainment just the way you want to.

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Make It Easy to Find Your Favorite Content

The primary reason to create a smart control solution in your new home theater is to have easy access to your favorite content and easy control of your equipment. Don’t fiddle with a handful of remotes trying to get what you want when you can have it all centralized on a tablet, touchpad or even your smartphone.

With a control solution from Crestron, it’s easy to pick out what you want to watch, how loud you want it to be, and which screen it should play on if you have a multi-screen installation. You can have DirecTV on to watch the Texans game and switch it over to Netflix in a matter of seconds. Everything’s intuitive, so there’s no need to learn 5-button combinations to make adjustments.

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Where Should You Install Your Private Home Theater?

With the New Year comes new inspiration – and new home improvement projects. A big bucket list item for a lot of our clients is installing a private home theater. Who doesn't want the perfect place to watch movies without having to deal with dirty seats and loud crowds? The integrators at Relative Home Systems work with you to find the perfect place in your Houston, Texas home for an installation depending on your space limitations, family needs, and budget. Below are some of our most popular solutions and the technology behind them.

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The Dedicated Theater

The best way to get the most out of your private home theater is still to install it in a dedicated room. The environment is specially designed to isolate light and sound for the best results. In this type of setting, we encourage you to go with the full cinema ensemble.

For your surround sound, incorporate Bowers & Wilkins C800 speakers (pictured above) throughout the space to immerse yourself in high-fidelity sound. When it comes to quality and value, a screen is the best option for a large theater video display. We recommend the Runco Signature Cinema DLP projector with HD capabilities and a Smart Lens System that always remembers the exact position of your screen. For your video display, go with a Stewart Filmscreen product that has motorized masking, which lets you adapt the screen to your video’ aspect ratio. This way you can transition from TV shows to movies seamlessly without getting stuck with a warped resolution or extra screen area.

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The Best Uses for Your Private Home Theater

A common way to decide if a new purchase is a worthy investment is to figure out how often you would use it. We all have that one pair of shoes that hasn’t seen the light of day in years. This can be true of bigger purchases as well, and it often comes up when clients are considering installing a private home theater in their Memorial, TX home. For movie enthusiasts, the decision is a no-brainer. But there are also a lot of others ways you can use your new theater to make it a worthwhile investment.

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Host the Ultimate Movie Marathon

Get all your family and friends together for the ultimate movie marathon. With comfortable seating, immersive audio, dynamic images, and your personal popcorn machine there's no reason to leave the room for hours. With smart control, it's easy to browse through your Kaleidescape media library to find the movie you want to watch. As soon as you hit play, the shades open to reveal your screen and the lights dim in the theater.

Prepare for Some Streaming Binges

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