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5 Reasons Why Texas Homeowners Are Investing in Smart Home Automation

A Crestron wall panel provides centralized control of smart home technology.

Change the Way You Think About Daily Tasks in Your Home

Smart home automation technology is changing how Texas homeowners think about daily tasks like turning off the lights, locking doors, and making grocery lists. As technology options continue to develop, they are transforming and adding value to everyday life.

Continue reading to discover five reasons River Oaks, TX, homeowners are investing in smart home automation and how Relative Home Systems can help you find suitable options for your home. 

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How to Optimize Voice Control in Your Smart Home


Throughout its illustrious history, Crestron has always been at the forefront of smart home technology. It’s no different with the emerging popularity of voice control. The home automation company offers voice control options in its wireless touchpads and has partnered with Amazon Alexa for a whole home solution. As your local Crestron dealer, we highlight the importance of this new partnership and the best ways to optimize voice control in your Memorial, TX home.

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The Perfect Combination of Luxury and Efficiency

As we’ve mentioned in earlier blogs, Crestron offers unparalleled versatility when it comes to designing smart systems for your home. Meanwhile, Alexa offers voice services that go beyond simple commands. You can access personalized settings that have been custom-designed for your home. Using Crestron’s open-ended programming and Amazon’s cloud-based software, engineers from both companies have collaborated to create a voice control experience that mirrors the intuitiveness and reliability offered by Crestron’s remotes, touchpads and mobile apps.

Taking Advantage of Voice Control Capabilities

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What’s the Best Smart Lighting System for Your Houston Space?

What’s the Best Smart Lighting System for Your Houston Space?

Wondering if your home could benefit from lighting control? If you use your lights on a daily basis, then the answer is yes. It doesn’t matter the size of your home or your budget. With Lutron’s variety of products and control solutions, Relative Home Systems can design a solution that gets the most out of your space. Whether it’s a wireless one-room setup or control fully integrated into your smart home automation, we find a solution designed just for you.   

Integrate with a Smart Automation System  

While there’s a lighting control system to fit any space, the best way to get the most out of your technology is to integrate it with smart home automation. This will allow you to create extensive scenes within your space. Hosting friends for a party? Press a “Party” scene to turn on your favorite playlist and colored LED lights while shades open for a brighter atmosphere to create the desired mood.

For a fully integrated solution, Lutron recommends the high-end HomeWorks QS system which gives you full control of your interior and exterior lights while integrating seamlessly with your audio/video and HVAC equipment for a full smart home experience. This hardwire solution ensures the most extensive, consistent and adaptable lighting control.

Explore Wireless Solutions

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