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What’s the Best Smart Lighting System for Your Houston Space?

What’s the Best Smart Lighting System for Your Houston Space?

Wondering if your home could benefit from lighting control? If you use your lights on a daily basis, then the answer is yes. It doesn’t matter the size of your home or your budget. With Lutron’s variety of products and control solutions, Relative Home Systems can design a solution that gets the most out of your space. Whether it’s a wireless one-room setup or control fully integrated into your smart home automation, we find a solution designed just for you.   

Integrate with a Smart Automation System  

While there’s a lighting control system to fit any space, the best way to get the most out of your technology is to integrate it with smart home automation. This will allow you to create extensive scenes within your space. Hosting friends for a party? Press a “Party” scene to turn on your favorite playlist and colored LED lights while shades open for a brighter atmosphere to create the desired mood.

For a fully integrated solution, Lutron recommends the high-end HomeWorks QS system which gives you full control of your interior and exterior lights while integrating seamlessly with your audio/video and HVAC equipment for a full smart home experience. This hardwire solution ensures the most extensive, consistent and adaptable lighting control.

Explore Wireless Solutions

If you don’t want to undertake a thorough wiring process or areas of your home are too difficult to access, you can install one of Lutron’s wireless solutions. The most popular wireless product is the Caseta Wireless line which is the easiest to install, simply plugging into your Wi-Fi router.

 You retain the same control of lights, shades and temperature from a user interface on your smartphone, tablet or touchpad. If your home has a mix of wireless and hardwired solutions, they can all be managed together within the same interface.  The Lutron App will even let you control lights from an Apple watch, whether you’re driving home from work or sitting by the pool.

Single Room Solutions

You can begin your foray into lighting control in a single room and still enjoy many of the benefits. Save energy with sensors, timers and dimmers while adding elegance with a large selection of styles and colors. Get creative with your lighting and save scenes even if it’s just within one room. This is especially common for home theaters systems, where lighting can change significantly depending on the activity taking place. For example, a “Cinema” setting dims the overhead lights, closes shades and activates smaller LED lights on the floor to maintain visibility in the room while the movie plays.

Contact Relative Home Systems for a scalable lighting control solution in your Houston home that allows you to expand easily from a one-room solution to full home integration. 

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