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5 Reasons Why Texas Homeowners Are Investing in Smart Home Automation

A Crestron wall panel provides centralized control of smart home technology.

Change the Way You Think About Daily Tasks in Your Home

Smart home automation technology is changing how Texas homeowners think about daily tasks like turning off the lights, locking doors, and making grocery lists. As technology options continue to develop, they are transforming and adding value to everyday life.

Continue reading to discover five reasons River Oaks, TX, homeowners are investing in smart home automation and how Relative Home Systems can help you find suitable options for your home. 

Central Controls

The reliable experts at Relative Home Systems can help you integrate smart home technology features into one easy-to-use, centralized control like Crestron Home. With centralized control, you can operate smart devices conveniently from your smartphone or tablet, no matter where you are. Systems like these have genuinely changed the smart home industry by simplifying the complex for the everyday home user.

Expand Over Time

With smart technology solutions, there's no pressure to purchase all possible components at once. Instead, start with the most beneficial tools and add on over time. Common places to start include home security and home lighting solutions. This flexibility is also great if you want to upgrade features over time and keep current with the newest versions.


As mentioned above, home security solutions are a popular choice among Texas homeowners. A home security system can consist of any number of different components, including surveillance cameras, motion-activated lighting, smart locks, and alarms. Additionally, smart security options extend to outside your home and offer homeowners greater peace of mind that their home is protected.

Access Anywhere

Homeowners love the easy accessibility of smart home features, available even when traveling. Access features conveniently from an app on your smartphone or tablet. You can monitor or trigger activities such as opening smart locks to let in a visitor, turning off lights that were left on, or checking in on things via your surveillance cameras.

Energy Savings

Smart home automation can be programmed strategically to help homeowners lower their monthly utility bills and save energy. Features like climate control, for instance, can keep your home at a temperature that is slightly above or below normal while you're away to save cost. Then, schedule it to adjust to a more comfortable temperature zone before your return.

Motorized shades are another helpful energy-saving feature that can be programmed to open and close in response to the sun's heat, saving your air conditioner extra work. Dimmable lighting solutions are yet another way to save utility expenses.

See for Yourself

These are just a few reasons Texas homeowners are choosing to install smart home automation. If you'd like to see what technology solutions could benefit your River Oaks, TX, home life, please get in touch with us to explore options. We would love to help you discover new, simplified daily living.

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