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4 Myths About Landscape Lighting Debunked

Landscape lighting illuminates a pathway at night.

Don't Miss Out on the Beauty of Landscape Lighting  

A well-implemented landscape lighting design can enhance the aesthetics of a home's exterior while providing elements for improved safety and security. Landscape lighting comes in various shapes and sizes, with some requiring the guidance and support of a professional installation team.

Landscape lighting is an investment in the enjoyment of your outdoor spaces. However, some homeowners may have misconceptions holding them back from investing in professionally installed and automated lighting systems for their Houston, TX, homes.

In this blog, we'll tackle four common myths about landscape lighting and what is involved in maintaining beautiful and decorative outdoor lighting control systems. If you have reservations about moving forward, we hope we can change your mind! 

Myth #1: Landscape Lighting Is Expensive

Like all improvements to your home, there is an upfront investment for professionally installed landscape lighting. But, there are also long-term benefits to be gained from this approach, such as:

  • More energy-efficient lighting
  • Higher quality materials can withstand weather elements longer
  • Weather-resistant fixtures
  • An additional transformer, depending on the project scale
  • It will be done right the first time!

It's true that there are less expensive options available for landscape lighting. However, you may end up paying more for those options, as they may not be covered by a warranty and could have to be replaced more often than a professionally installed system.

 Myth #2: Landscape Lighting Requires Much Maintenance

If you're already maintaining your landscaping, adding lighting will not require much more work. However, here are some things to consider to keep your landscape lighting operating at peak performance:

  • Keep plants and branches trimmed away from lights
  • Remove debris regularly
  • Check fixtures and cables for any signs of damage
  • Replace any burned-out bulbs
  • Wipe fixtures off

Low-maintenance landscape lights use LED bulbs for longer life, and timers can keep lights operating each day on an efficient schedule.

Myth #3: Landscape Lighting Is For Large Properties

While it is true that landscape lighting is used for many large properties, it is also a beautiful addition to smaller yards. Various lighting options are available to make entrances more welcoming and pathways safer. Not to mention, lights can also highlight the appearance of gardens and patios, no matter the size of your yard.

Myth #4: Landscape Lighting Is Only for Aesthetics 

Landscape lighting has many uses, including enhancing the home's appearance. Lighting can also improve the safety and security of your home by illuminating walkways and deterring intruders. Strategically place lighting near entrances, driveways, garages, pools, and sheds to highlight potential hazards and improve visibility at night.

Look Forward to Brightening Your Yard 

If you have been considering landscape lighting for your Houston, TX, home, we hope you'll contact us for more information about available options. We would love to help assess your yard, provide design ideas, and install a long-lasting and beneficial system to enhance your home's curb appeal.

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