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How Can Smart Control Boost Your Landscape Lighting?

Landscape lighting can serve many functions in a home. It can help increase security, accentuate architectural features and illuminate outdoor entertainment spaces. All of this can be accomplished through a well-designed mix of lighting fixtures. But why settle for a static system? Optimize your space with Coastal Source outdoor lighting fixtures and a smart control system that can anticipate threats and even conserve energy. Read on to find out how a smart solution can benefit your Houston home.

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Stay Ahead of the Sun and Conserve Energy

While some lights may stay on throughout the day, it’s when the sun goes down that your lighting design really shines. This is why it’s important to create a system which transitions seamlessly from day to night. Your smart control system helps you in this regard in two different ways: by creating schedules or incorporating sensors. 

At a given time every evening, your lights are programmed to turn on then dim back down in the morning. For ultimate efficiency, you can link your fixtures to sun sensors. As soon as it starts getting dark, lights turn on to avoid dangerous unlit areas and allow you to continue outdoor activities. Meanwhile, you conserve energy by making sure lights are only turned on when needed. 

Enhance Your Security With Motion Sensors

Sun sensors can enhance your family’s safety by making sure your property is never left in the dark. You can take it a step further by adding motion sensors. If unwelcome activity is detected anywhere in your space, lights flood the area to illuminate any possible intruders and ensure you get clear images on your surveillance cameras. While you will hopefully never have to use that feature, another benefit of motion sensors is used daily. Add sensors to fixtures illuminating pathways or walkways so your system can light the way as you walk past to reduce potential tripping hazards. 

Wow Guests With Custom Welcome Scenes 

One of the coolest features of smart home control is the ability to create scenes. This allows you to call up various settings at the same time, controlling multiple components at the touch of a button. Create a “Welcome” scene you activate as soon as you get an alert that someone is at the gate or pulling into the driveway. Greet your guests by conveniently lighting the way to the front door, decorating your pool or fountain in bright LED color fixtures and turning lights on in the foyer as they approach the front door. 

Don’t settle for a static landscape lighting system. Contact Relative Home Systems for an intuitive solution that anticipates your needs.

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