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4 Questions to Ask When Upgrading to a Smart Home

A recent study by IHS Technology determined that by the year 2019, there will be an average of five connected devices in homes throughout the world. The trend has helped push the growth of the connected home, with the smart home automation market expected to be worth over $50 billion by 2020. People have become accustomed to full control at a moment’s notice and their home is no exception. 

Want to join the movement? With our new office in Austin, Texas, Relative Home Systems can work with you directly to craft a solution that will provide you with full control of lights, entertainment, security and more. Here are some questions you should take into account when thinking of the smart home solution that best fits your needs:

What do you want to control?

Though a smart home automation solution implies full control of your home, you can always choose the systems you want to include. Many people, for example, begin with whole home audio/video or smart security and eventually expand their systems to include lighting, shading, and temperature. Relative Home Systems designs a solution that lets you control what you want while remaining scalable---meaning you can easily add other subsystems when you decide to do so.

How do you want to control it?

Initially most smart home systems were controlled from a customized touchpad. Now most automation companies have released mobile apps, giving you control from your smartphone or tablet. You can manually change settings in your home from a central location, schedule changes to occur at a given time every day or set up ‘scenes.’ Both Crestron and Savant have made it simple to create scenes, letting you save your favorite settings to recreate the perfect set-up at a moment’s notice whether you want to watch a movie, go to sleep or host a party.

How will you resolve technological issues?

The point of a smart home automation system is simplicity. Relative Home Systems takes care of all the back end coding and gives you training once the project is complete so you don’t need extensive manuals to get your home to function. While we work thoroughly to install a reliable and efficient system, technical issues will happen in the best of systems. We maintain clear, up-to-date files so any needed maintenance or upgrade is quick and unobtrusive.

Why should you choose Relative Home Systems?

When we speak with prospective clients, we are selling our services instead of our products. Though we work with the best manufacturers in the business, we know a successful project comes down to the people involved. From our new Austin office, we can interact with clients face-to-face during the initial discovery to ensure the system we design is primed for their specific needs. From our initial wiring installation to our extensive engineering, we create a system that is reliable and primed for growth.

Contact Relative Home Systems to find out how we can craft a personalized smart home solution that fits your distinct needs.

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