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What Do I Need for Beautiful and Functional Home Lighting Automation?

 A Lutron Grafik T dimmer switch is positioned on a wall leading to a dining area.

Our Lighting Experts Can Help You Obtain Effortless Control 

To get the most from your home lighting automation system, we recommend working with an expert team on the cutting edge of home lighting automation trends—like ours. In addition, we receive special training to ensure that physics, optics, electricity, and programming are all top-notch. But, beyond our expert team, a few other ingredients are necessary for a beautiful and functional home lighting automation system.

Continue reading to learn more about the components needed for a lighting automation system in your Austin, Texas, home.

The System

Home lighting automation is made possible by the technology of a lighting control solution such as Crestron. These interfaces allow homeowners to operate automated lighting through touchscreens or mobile apps on a smartphone or tablet. With easy-to-use controls, you can view the status of lights in each room and adjust the intensity and color of fixtures on demand. In addition, you can schedule lights to turn off and on and manage lights while away from home. 

The Processor 

At the heart of your home lighting automation system is a computer. The processor facilitates communication between your lighting control solution and the individual lighting fixtures. It also ensures that your lights respond immediately and accurately to your control commands. Our team of lighting experts will help you decide on a suitable processor to meet your needs.

Dimmers and Switches

Even though you have an intelligent control panel to manage your home's lighting, you will also want smart dimmers and switches installed in rooms. Lutron's luxurious keypads, for example, have a unique design that adds architectural interest to your walls as opposed to the eyesore some see with the traditional light switch. Many design options are available for dimmers and switches, including dimmers + switches, dimmers only, or switches only. In addition, they can be customized with scene labels and programmed to work with your smart control system. 

Light Levels

As part of home lighting automation, you can control multiple lighting levels. For instance, if you enjoy natural light, an ambient light setting that reduces the harsh glow that a light bulb can sometimes produce. Or, if you have a home office, you may prefer task lighting that uses a bright, focused light to enhance your productivity. Finally, accent lighting is the perfect complement to unique pieces if you have artwork or other interior design elements to feature in your home. 

Light Colors

Color tuning is one of the latest trends in home lighting, as we know that colors make our bodies respond differently throughout the day and promote energy or relaxation. Home lighting automation can assist with these lighting adjustments throughout the day to match whatever mood you want to set.

Hiring a team of experts like the one here at Relative Home Systems can ensure you get the most value from your home lighting automation investment. In addition, we can provide training and assist with finding the most competitive pricing. Please contact us for more information about lighting automation options for your Austin, Texas, home.

Top Benefits of Home Lighting Automation
Enjoy Beauty and Ease with a Home Lighting Control...

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