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Top Benefits of Home Lighting Automation

A modern living room illuminated by a pinkish shade.

Get ready to look at your home in a new light with our solutions! 

If you could choose one smart home technology to improve your home in Austin, TX, which one would it be? Some people would go for a whole-home audio system to play their favorite songs and make any room more inviting. Others would choose an energy storage system to manage their energy consumption and keep their expenses low. Both of these are great systems that can certainly improve your quality of life, but what if you could choose a technology that allows you to enjoy a little bit of all the benefits above? Well, there is! It's called home lighting automation.

Keep reading this blog to find out how our lighting solutions can help you live in a more convenient, inviting, and luxurious home!

More Inviting Spaces: The Right Light for the Right Time

One of the most interesting features of our lighting automation solutions is how you can always find the perfect lighting temperature, intensity, and color to match any activity you do. Our experts can incorporate high-end tunable lighting solutions such as Ketra. With more than 16 million hues and a human-centric feature that mimics the changes in natural lighting, Ketra is a good way of automatically making your different spaces more comfortable.

For example, imagine you are trying to be productive one Friday morning to get some work done and enjoy an early weekend. Your tunable lighting solutions can brighten up the lights in your home office to keep you energized and focused.

Later that evening, you can kick off the weekend by hosting a cocktail party for your friends. Simply bathe your common areas in colorful lights and set the right playlist to create that distinctive nightclub atmosphere.

Finally, after all the fun and hard work of the day, you can dim the lights in your bedroom to a soft amber tone and get ready for a night of restful sleep. With home lighting automation, the right light at the right time is only a tap away!

Energy-Efficiency: Manage Your Lights with Ease 

In this day and age, going green is more important than ever. And though they may seem harmless, many of the daily things we do contribute to making our carbon footprint larger and, thus, pollute more. A home lighting automation system can help you reduce your energy consumption by helping you do simple things, such as automatically turning off your lights during the day or whenever you leave your home.

In addition, your lighting automation system allows you to keep your lights dimmed, helping you consume less energy than your lights normally would at full power. Saving energy while boosting your lifestyle has never been easier.

At Relative Home Systems, we want to help you elevate your home and live your best life. Are you ready to bring luxury, beauty, and convenience to your residence with the right lighting solutions? Reach out to our team by filling out this contact form.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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