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Use Your Lighting To Improve Your Life


In Houston, we’re lucky to enjoy favorable weather for the majority of the year. Spending time outdoors is something most of us do in our free time, whether you’re hiking or enjoying time on the lake or river. Natural sunlight makes you feel great by energizing your spirit and your mood. 

Unfortunately, we can’t spend all of our time outdoors. Either the weather is crummy, or you simply need to go to your day job to make a living. Florescent indoor lighting can be a drag compared to the beautiful outdoors and can wear down your mood. To combat traditional indoor lighting’s downfalls, you can incorporate circadian lighting into your living spaces.

Read on below to learn more about the Texas-sized benefits of circadian lighting!

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What Is Circadian Lighting?

To first understand circadian lighting, one must know the definition of a circadian rhythm. A circadian rhythm is like mother nature’s biological clock and follows human’s 24-hour sleep and wake cycles. Your brain interprets light signals and informs you of when it is daytime or nighttime. When we spend too much time indoors with harsh lighting, our circadian rhythms become out of sync. This is why many nighttime workers have trouble sleeping.

Circadian lighting supports human circadian rhythms by mimicking the natural flow of sunlightindoors. With Lutron’s Ketra lighting, you can adjust the color temperature of lighting to promote your mental and physical wellness. Blueish white light shines midday to help you stay rejuvenated and on-task while working; nearing the end of the day, an orangish white light will ease you into a relaxing mood. 

Home Offices

Even the workplace can benefit from more natural lighting options. According to the Harvard Business Review, natural light can improve wellness and health among workers, witnoted reduction in eyestrain, headaches, and drowsiness. Since many Texans now work full-time or partially from a home office, this is an essential aspect of wellness to consider. 

Positioning desks adjacent to windows flanked with automated shades allows homeowners to maximize their exposure to uplifting natural light. In the evening, window treatments can close to provide privacy, and Lutron’s tunable white lighting will shift to an orange-hued glow. This shift signals to your brain that it’s time to wind down, and in turn, your body and mind will relax and more easily go to sleep in the evenings.

If you’re ready to consider this innovative smart lighting solution in your Houston-area home, connect with us using this form to get started.

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