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What Do Circadian Rhythms Have to Do With Lighting?

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  Relative Home Systems Answers Your Smart Lighting Questions 

 We've written about circadian rhythm lighting in the past, and as time goes on, more and more of our clients are requesting information about integrating this valuable smart home solution into their Austin-area homes. If you're also wondering what circadian rhythms have to do with your home's lighting, this blog is for you.

In it, we'll cover the basics, plus we'll explain where and how you can add this exciting lighting technology to your Texas home. Want to learn more? Keep scrolling below.

What Is A Circadian Rhythm?  

Let's start with this fundamental question. A circadian rhythm is a natural, biological process that follows a 24-hour sleep-wake cycle. The sun also follows a 24-hour cycle, and the sun's rays help support your natural circadian rhythm.

But most people's lifestyle includes hours spent indoors, which can wreak havoc on these fragile internal systems. Your body can become confused by too much bright, blue-toned light in the office or around the house, which causes you to feel sluggish throughout the day yet wide-awake in the evenings. Ketra has a solution for hacking this modern-day issue - human-centric lighting. By shifting your home's lighting automatically throughout the day to mimic sunlight, you and your family will feel better, more energized when needed, and relaxed in the evening when you want to wind down. It's truly smart lighting at its most intelligent! 

Which Rooms of My Home Benefit From Human-Centric Lighting?  

If you could incorporate circadian rhythm lighting in only one room of your home, we would suggest your family room. You spend the most time there, so it's most beneficial! Of course, we'd suggest you add Ketra lighting to other rooms of your home as well.

In the bedroom, orange-hued lighting can turn on at a dim setting and then gradually brighten to help you more naturally wake up in the morning. In the evenings, blue tones are removed to signal to your brain that it's time to wind down and ease into your nightly bedtime routine.

In the media room, Ketra's proprietary Vibrancy feature can make artwork and furniture pop by fine-tuning the recipe for white light itself! Reds are bold and stand out; blues are ocean-like and soothing. And if you work from home, you can tap a button to adjust the room's lighting to a bright, blue-toned hue that helps beat the dreaded afternoon slump. Lighting can help you stay productive, feel well, and make your home look its best! 

Can I Integrate Ketra and Control Into My Home?  

Ketra products work with Lutron's HomeWorks smart lighting control systems. That means you'll be able to experience innovation at the tap of a button. On-wall keypads that complement your decor, smart remotes, touchscreens, and smartphone apps are some of the available control options.  

Can Relative Home Systems Help My Home?  

Relative Home Systems is the premier smart lighting specialist serving Austin and the larger metropolitan areas throughout Texas. Reach out to us using this form to start a conversation about your home's lighting possibilities.  

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