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How Can You Design the Perfect Home Theater for Your Next Project?

With the rise in quality home entertainment via Blu-Rays, media servers, streaming and cable, custom home theaters have become a popular request for many luxury homes. Whether it's a new construction or retrofit, for many builders and designers it can be difficult to find the balance between the technological requirements of a custom theater and the distinct style the clients want. This is why it's important to bring in a professional integrator for your next Austin, Texas project to better craft a space that meets all your clients' needs. Read on to find out how an expert integrator can help you build the perfect home theater.

Do a Thorough Initial Consultation

The first step is communicating with your clients to find out where the home theater will be installed. Once you have a space in mind, it's time to bring in a professional audio video integrator to gage the needs of the space. During this initial consultation it is important to take into account space limitations, light considerations, acoustics and preferred seating arrangements.

It is important that no electronic equipment be purchased before this stage, as the equipment needed could depend entirely on these details. Always build a home theater system to fit your space, not the other way around. After consultation, the integrator will work with you hand-in-hand throughout the installation process to ensure everything falls within your project's scope and budget.

Find the Perfect Technology for Your Needs

For theaters with limited space, it is preferable to have a screen which takes up less room than the typical LED flat screen TV. If you are in a light-controlled room, you can go with a traditional white screen. If you expect a lot of ambient light in the room, opt for a gray screen that better maintains the black colors which may be lost due to glare on a white screen.

Surround sound has often been a challenge for interior designers since it requires multiple speakers to be installed throughout the room, often clashing with the home's overall decor. For clients that want quality sound without the bulk, you can go with the more compact CT700 Bowers and Wilkins custom theater system. The system is known for its versatility, with speakers designed to hide behind acoustically transparent screens or custom cabinets.

Streamline Control With Home Audio Video

The variety of quality content which has boosted the custom home theater market has also presented new challenges. It's not enough to simply have a cable box connected to the television. Clients also need their Blu-Ray player, Chromecast, Apple TV, Kaleidescape media library, satellite box and more installed. How do you manage to include all these sources without crowding up the space?

A home audio video system lets you hide all sources in one utility closet and transfer the content to displays throughout the house via matrix switchers. Whatever entertainment your clients want to enjoy, they can pull it up on their smartphone or touchpad without needing the source in the room. They get instant access to their favorite movies and television shows, while you deal with less wire and clutter when designing the room.

Don't fret over your clients' entertainment demands. Contact Relative Home Systems to streamline the custom home theater installation on your next project.

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