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How to Make Your Light Switches More Elegant and Efficient

While lighting control can offer a lot of futuristic technology –from voice control to access from a mobile app—many of our clients want to stick with the familiarity of their light switches. They’ve grown accustomed to managing their lights this way and change seems more trouble than anything. Does that mean home lighting control is not the right choice for their Memorial, TX property? No, it just means that their system will focus initially on upgrading the light switches in their home.

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Gain Efficiency With Dimmers and Scenes
A smart lighting control system can increase wall switch efficiency in two simple ways: by incorporating dimmers and scenes. Customarily wall switches are pretty straight forward. They connect to one particular fixture and turn it on and off. With a smart upgrade, you can access multiple fixtures at once and go beyond the limited on/off controls:

  • Dimmers: Many clients are surprised to find that most rooms could benefit from not having lights on at a 100 percent intensity. Not only can this help reduce energy usage, but it leads to a more elaborate lighting design. Depending on whether you have a romantic date, are hosting a party, or watching a movie you can find the light level that makes the most sense.
  • Scenes: Scenes within your home lighting control system let you manage multiple fixtures at once. You can access these scenes straight from your wall switches. This not only lets you make adjustments quickly, but it also reduces the amount of switches you need so you can eliminate some of the wall clutter. For example, a dinner scene dims the lights in the living room while raising the ones right above the dining table.

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Incorporate Other Technology Options
If you have a smart home automation system, you can also manage other technology from your light switches. An easy way to do this is to incorporate volume control in rooms where you regularly play music like a media room or bedroom. Raise or lower the volume of your background music from a switch on the wall. The scenes on your wall switches can also include other technology. An ‘away’ scene on a switch by your front door turns off all lights and TVS, locks the doors and arms the security system

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How to Avoid Common Landscape Lighting Mistakes

How to Avoid Common Landscape Lighting Mistakes

Working with a professional for your landscape lighting installation can result in a system that is not only easy to use, but built to last. Clients that opt for a DIY approach usually face the same design and installation problems that hurt the efficiency of the system. Learning what these mistakes are and the solution for each will help you be knowledgeable when talking to a contractor about your new home or latest upgrade. With the right landscape lighting solution in place, you can ensure you have a design that enhances your outdoor spaces and keeps your Austin, TX home safe. 

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Poor Wire Connections

We begin with one of the biggest problems found in landscape lighting systems: poor wire connections. We partner with Coastal Source for all our projects for this reason. Coastal Source connectors are specifically designed for outdoor use, eliminating the need to cut and splice wire to make it waterproof. The other great thing is that the connectors are what they call "Plug-n-Play”; they link together with a simple twist to create a tight connection between the wires and keep corrosive elements out. 

No Control Solution

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Why Crestron is Synonymous with Luxury Living

Why Crestron is Synonymous with Luxury Living

A luxury home is not complete without a custom smart technology solution. Now you can have control of your thermostat, entertainment, lighting and more from an elegant touchpad or your smartphone. Deciding which automation company to use is becoming as commonplace as choosing which fabric to use for your drapes. As your local Crestron dealer, we can offer you customized solutions designed to make your Houston, TX home more efficient and beautiful. Keep reading to find out why Crestron is the system of choice for luxury homes nationwide. 

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History of Excellence

One thing that makes luxury brands stand out, whether it’s a watch manufacturer or clothing designer, is their reputation. Creating a history of excellence takes time; it takes years of providing high-quality products and service to clients. No company in the home automation industry has a better reputation than Crestron which was founded over 30 years ago with the goal of creating remote control devices for projectors and drapes. Since then, it has expanded to offer top-of-the-line residential and commercial integrated technology solutions. There's a reason it's the technology of choice for the U.S. government—including the White House and military installations.

Customization Options                                         

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What is the Best Speaker Layout for Your Outdoor Audio?

Listening to music outdoors can be challenging if you don’t have the right speaker layout in place. It's hard to get quality audio to reach every corner of your property. Going louder is often not an option since the sound will soon end up disrupting your neighbors. Having the right layout for your outdoor audio will result in even sound and fewer noise complaints. This blog showcases some of the most common outdoor audio mistakes and offers layout solutions for all your outdoor spaces.

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Commonly Made Layout Mistakes

Due to the large areas that have to be covered and the difficult nature of installing outdoor speakers, it’s hard to create successful speaker layouts without the help of a professional. A common approach many people take is to mount a couple speakers on their home’s exterior and have them face outwards. You end up with a few problems when you go about it this way.

The main one is that you have uneven sound. In order to get sound to reach the outer edges of your backyard, it becomes unbearably loud in the areas closer to your home. Also, since the speakers are facing outwards the sound will inevitably leak into your neighbor’s property.

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