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How Can Home Lighting Control and Motorized Shades Complement Your Interior Design?

Detailed attention is given to every aspect of your décor- so why not your lighting? Customized lighting is important for overall design, enhancing star pieces and flattering other furniture. With the variety of customized lighting and shading options available today, lighting that complements your décor is easier than ever.

Relative Home Systems knows that custom lighting can be used to enhance the natural beauty of your home rather than detract. Great lighting is the icing on the cake of a well-designed interior and can be created for any and every room, not just one location.  Want to know how automated lighting can not only reduce energy costs but spotlight your interior design skills? You’re in the right place.

Enhance Your Décor

A professional integrator such as RHS can construct your scenes of light in “layers” allowing you to assemble the perfect atmosphere with the touch of a button.  A room of featured artwork can be put on display when a guest arrives, simply by engaging a “showcase” setting.   Lighting control can help create a consistent design style throughout a home, replacing clusters of switches in various locations with simple control panels, set to pre-programmed settings, such as “high and low.”  With dimmers and motorized shades throughout your home, natural light can also be included as a complementary layer to an overall lighting control system for the best possible results.

Reduce Solar Gain

Lighting modes can also be customized to automatically change on global scenes or astronomical calendars. These settings automatically configure the lighting of a room based on the sun’s position. Thus, shades on one side of the house may be lowered only as needed based on the amount of sunlight coming in a room.  Moderately opaque solar shades can also be installed to protect your interiors from harmful UV rays while making a great view such as a garden, mountainside or ocean readily accessible.   

Seamless Technology

Even the physical install of unassuming controls and motorized shades can be custom-fit to seamlessly blend in with your décor. Make sure to partner with a custom integrator (like RHS) who has experience with low visibility solutions. A professional can keep unattractive cornice boxes or valances out of sight with a variety of recessed options. Wireless and battery operated shades can even be installed where wires cannot be pulled or mounted on swinging doors.  Make sure they partner with industry leaders, like Crestron, for the absolute best in remote response solutions.

The convenience of easy-to-use lighting and shade controls can also help simplify what used to be complex configurations. Automatic lighting paired with home automation controls can also include occupancy censors that trigger various lighting scenes based on the time of day and vacation timers that help keep your home safe when you’re away. Even outdoor lighting scenes can be synchronized to an astronomical clock!

Want your immaculate interior design and customized lighting to put the spotlight on your individual tastes? Call Relative Home Systems today! We can help integrate lighting and shading control into your home. Whether throwing a party in The Woodlands or winding down in River Oaks, custom lighting allows you to make changes from one reliable and familiar interface to adjust natural and artificial light and create the atmosphere you desire.

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