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Gain Control with Home Lighting Automation by Lutron and Crestron

Relative Home Systems Offers Customized Smart Lighting in Austin, TX

Gain Control with Home Lighting Automation by Lutron and Crestron

An often overlooked element of room design is the lighting. More than just picking out a few lamps that go with the drapes and couch, home lighting automation offers Austin, TX homeowners the ability to really sculpt out a space, highlighting the particularly special areas, for a more beautiful and fulfilling experience. And the benefits of smart lighting go beyond making your home more glamorous – it can also make it safer and more energy efficient. Simple, effective and elegant, a lighting system by Lutron or Crestron is the perfect way to enhance your home.

Enhance Your Interior Design

Imagine: your dining room is the perfect spot for Sunday dinner with the family. It’s also a romantic eatery for Friday date night. You don’t have to redesign your room to set the right mood for every occasion – with preset “scenes” for your lighting system, you can transform your spaces with a remote, smartphone or tablet any time you want.

And your home lighting automation isn’t alone. Combine your lighting with automated shading so that you can add privacy, let in the sun and generally create the perfect atmosphere with one button by controlling all aspects of your home’s lighting, inside and out. 

Feel Safer With Security Lights

When you were little, were you afraid of the dark? Now that you’re an adult, you know there aren’t a whole lot of things that go bump in the night, but that doesn’t mean a little bit of light won’t add a sense of security to your home. Lighting can be set to playback recorded lighting usage while you’re out of the house to make it seem like someone is home and moving around the house at all times. And motion sensing flood lights will help you keep track of your yard in the middle of the night.

Plus, you can integrate your lighting and surveillance systems to stay in-the-know about everything that’s happening around your home. Know exactly when the pizza guy shows up with motion sensor lights and communicate with him before you even get off the couch. Or find out exactly what kind of wildlife keeps knocking over your trashcans at night with video that streams straight to your TV or tablet. With home lighting control, you’ve never felt safer.

Go Green Easily

Do you sometimes forget to turn off the lights when you leave a room? You might not even realize it at the time, but later your energy bills are through the roof. With automated lighting, you can control your entire home’s lighting with a single device. That means that even if you’re upstairs, comfy in bed, you can turn off the kitchen lights to keep energy costs down.

If you love to stay up late reading, you don’t have to keep all of the room’s lights on, either. Set zones that provide light for a single space, so that you have enough light to read by without wasting it on areas of the room that you’re not using.

Are you ready to enhance your Austin, TX home with Lutron and Crestron home lighting automation? Contact us today to get started on your project!