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Go Green with Home Lighting Control

Start the New Decade Right with Efficient Lighting

Go Green with Home Lighting Control

It is 2020, and as in most new years, people like to make resolutions. One resolution that certainly makes sense is to conserve energy and protect our environment. Conserving energy also has the added benefit of saving money, too, which is another great perk.

Unlike other resolutions that require a lot of work, at least one part of going green does not. With home lighting control, you can easily manage your lights to ensure you are only using what you need where you need it. Once installed, it is a solution that pays green dividends in your Houston home all year long.

Read on to learn how this green living technology conserves energy and brings incredible convenience to your home.

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What Lighting Control Does

Lighting control takes the control away from light switches and puts it in the palm of your hand, as well as automation that does the work for you. Rather than go around making sure lights are off when you’re not using the room, technology can do the job for you. There are various ways:

  • You can schedule lights to go on and off at specific times. For outdoor and landscape lights, this can be a major saving area. Program your lights to go on at dusk and off at sunrise. The automation can also adjust those times for the season with no inputs from you.
  • Use sensors to determine if someone is occupying a room. If the bathroom light is left on, it can be programmed to go off after a few minutes if no one is detected.
  • Use preset scenes to turn on a whole array of lights. A beautiful, layered effect can be achieved with precise dimming of groups of lights. Not only will not having every light on full brightness save energy, but you can also create the right ambiance for any activity.

Going Greener

When you couple smart lighting control with a smart home system, other parts of your home can work together for more green conservation. With motorized shades, you can let in natural light and minimize the use of artificial light. The convenience of pushing a button or a voice command for shade control will let you use it more effectively, or you can program scenes to deftly control and maximize natural and artificial light at different parts of the day.

If you add a smart thermostat into the mix, you can multiply the green effects. Your system can turn off lights, lower shades, and turn the thermostat to an eco-friendly setting while you're away. When you arrive home, those settings can go back to comfortable ones for you – and it all can happen automatically.

Multiply the Benefits with LED Lights

LED lighting uses 70% less energy than older incandescent bulbs. And it uses the energy much more efficiently, only burning off up to 20% as heat. They last many years more than incandescent, and they can be dimmed very precisely.

Moreover, the latest LED technology features variable color tuning, which lets you vary the light temperature from cool to warm. This gives you great flexibility with having the right lighting for any activity or situation. LED lighting technology is an easy green solution, both with energy savings and less waste.

Go green in the new year – and the new decade – with home lighting control. Relative Home Systems is ready to help with smart technology solutions.  Fill out our online contact form or give us a call to schedule a no-obligation consultation with our team. We’d love to work with you.