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How to Boost Business Efficiency with Crestron

Relative Home Systems’ Solutions Get the Most Out of Your Houston, Texas Office

How to Boost Business Efficiency with Crestron

Technology should be your biggest asset when it comes to creating an efficient office environment. Don’t let your business be bogged down by an outdated space. Incorporate a Crestron commercial automation solution to maximize your resources while minimizing operational costs. Let the Crestron-certified integrators at Relative Home Systems design a custom-fit system that will impress your clients while streamlining your business. 

Revitalize Your Boardroom

Few areas in your office have as many moving parts as your boardroom. How many times have you found yourself fumbling to get a presentation to show on your screen or to successfully connect with clients on a videoconference? A Crestron boardroom automation system puts control of the entire room in your hands on an easy-to-use touch panel, remote or custom keypad. Navigating your boardroom has never been easier with control of your screens, A/V equipment, shades and thermostat in the palm of your hands.

We know good business is all about quick results. With Crestron, custom scenes serve as shortcuts for each activity the boardroom is used for. Click ‘Presentation’ to close the shades, dim the lights, lower the screen and turn on the projector. What better way to endear yourself to clients than creating a crisp, quick transition into any conference call, video or presentation?

Become Energy Efficient

Want to embrace the concept of a green office? The best way to reduce your carbon emissions and save on your energy costs is to incorporate all the subsystems in your space into a smart automation system. Crestron can eliminate inefficiencies in each subsystem by allowing you to manage, monitor and adapt energy use within your office.

Track the energy consumption in each room to better assign resources and improve your building’s LEED certification score. Notice a set of office windows that is taxing your HVAC system? Incorporate a shade solution in the room to help regulate the thermostat. By monitoring power consumption you can also draw resources from your most cost-effective sectors and move them to other areas of the office.

Protect Your Products and Privacy

It can be nerve-racking to leave your office unattended overnight, during weekends or throughout the holidays. With a security system integrated into your Crestron smart automation business, you can access remote monitoring and control to secure some peace of mind. No longer do you have to worry about leaving lights on or doors unlocked, or about intruders taking advantage of your unmanned space.

Stream live images from your surveillance cameras on your smartphone or smart device to stay connected with your office at all times. Set up alerts tuned to your priorities to receive a notification if specific rooms are accessed or if there is a water leak in the office when you’re not around. Receive an alert if a door has been left unlocked and lock it remotely no matter where you are. 

Adding a Crestron automation solution to your office is all about adding efficiency. The expert integrators at Relative Home Systems can create a design that meets the needs of your Houston space. Contact us for a consultation.