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Transform Your Houston, TX Office with a Boardroom Control System

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Transform Your Houston, TX Office with a Boardroom Control System

Things may be bigger in Houston, TX, but that doesn’t mean they can’t start small. Whether you’re the head of the largest corporation in The Lone Star State or just starting out with your business, a scalable boardroom control system can help your office run more efficiently, and enhance productivity, worker satisfaction and overall quality of your working environment. Here are just a few of the ways that commercial automation can help your business run like a well-oiled machine, no matter what size it is.

Video Conferencing

Have you ever tried to conduct a video conference and had your entire staff huddled around a tiny computer screen battling for a line of sight? Imagine that instead of a miniscule monitor you had a 80” 4K UHD television on the wall. Everyone could see everything without having to strain their eyes over data, graphs or simply trying to see who is talking. And with a conference call system installed, you could have crisp, clear voices sharing information all around the world – instead of relying on your computer’s microphone.

Audio System

Do you have an exceptionally spacious boardroom? How about a large staff? If you’re having trouble conducting meetings and communicating ideas to a big group, perhaps an integrated audio system is the solution you need. Natural sounding speakers mean that you won’t have to shout or strain your voice to be heard, and a quality sound system will make hearing everything easy so no one misses anything important.

Lighting and Shading

The day is getting late, the sun is low in the sky, and it’s creating a nasty glare on your screen when you’re trying to get your big project done. The sun and its effects can be distracting and lower your productivity. A quality automated shading system can lower the shades at set times, or you could manage them in one touch. And when the sun finally sets and you’re still working, a one-touch automated lighting system will keep your office lit until the wee hours of the morning--because you’ll do what it takes to get the job done.

Control Door Access

No more keys. Access control locks and unlocks doors in response to an ID card or other device, providing the security you need while allowing authorized personnel to enter your property with ease. A log of all entries and exits is created, producing an audit trail. The access control solution can be integrated into your automation system, allowing you to control lights, cameras and HVAC from a single touch screen.

Ready to get started with a scalable boardroom control system that will take your Houston, TX office to the next level? Contact us today to take the first steps in making your office more efficient and productive.