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When Should A Smart Home Installer Get Involved in Your Home Project?

Here’s a Step by Step Timeline for Working with a Smart Technology Advisor

When Should A Smart Home Installer Get Involved in Your Home Project?

Are you ready for an automated home? Maybe you’d like music to flow through every room of the house or a security system that protects every vulnerable corner. From one app on your phone, you can access your speakers, security, lights, thermostats, TVs, and more.

But that’s going to require lots of planning, wiring, and careful installation by a smart home installer. If you’re renovating your property or building a new home, you’d benefit from partnering with a technology advisor like Relative Home Systems, based in Austin, TX. But when should a smart home professional get involved in the process?

Ideally, you’ll bring in help from the very beginning. We’ll share every step of the timeline so you can see how an installer helps at each phase of your new smart home build.

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Architectural Phase

In the first phase, we’ll meet with you to design a blueprint of where all your technology will go. We’ll review it with your architect or builder, and if you’re working with an interior designer, we’ll discuss the technology’s impact on design. We’ll provide a budget to you and contract low-voltage wiring services to power your technology.

Permitting Phase

Now we’ll ensure we have all the necessary information for your infrastructure package. We’ll create a file-sharing folder that contains all construction documentation, including specifications and dimensions. We’ll schedule your home’s prewiring service and share the blueprint with the electrician. We’ll also contract all non-decorative lighting fixtures for your new lighting control system.  

Foundation Phase

It’s time to move on to the equipment. Our team will order parts requiring modifications to framing, like TV backboxes, recessed shade pockets, and structured lighting enclosures. We’ll also order components and materials for acoustic systems so that your home audio sounds like it’s live in the studio.

Framing Phase

As the build process gains momentum, we will be your technology advisor and will fully engage with the home builder. We’ll install pre-construction brackets and templates for speakers, flush mount products, or invisible AV products. We’ll perform a final low-voltage walk-through to determine placement for all wires, then order and test all equipment.

Sheetrock Phase 

As sheetrock (or drywall) is installed, we’ll work with your sheetrock contractor to add acoustic materials to the walls. We’ll make small adjustments to ensure that lighting and other ceiling features look aesthetically pleasing.

In this stage, we’ll also build your equipment rack and update the firmware on all products. Once programming is complete, we’ll test for quality control. When your equipment rack is complete, we’ll send you a photo of the final result.  

Trim Phase 

It’s time to install and program your security system with temporary codes. We’ll add plates over unused wires and connect the equipment rack to the wiring in your home. We install lighting control, in-ceiling speakers, and paint shield, then select the latest TV models for your home.  

Move-In Phase

We understand that moving into your new home is the most stressful phase of the process. Before you do, we’ll transport TVs and the equipment rack to the house, finalizing the installation. We’ll coordinate the internet and cable for you and complete any final programming. We’ll create ‘favorites’ on your smart system, set up your streaming accounts, and save lighting scenes. We’ll also provide training to you and your family, so you all feel comfortable using the smart system.  

Service Phase

Everything’s been installed, and you’re all moved in. But smart systems are highly complex, and equipment can fail occasionally. You’ll be provided with our 24/7 service number if anything seems off or isn’t working. If you opted for our remote services package, we can resolve the issue over the phone. Otherwise, we’ll make an appointment to fix the problem within two business days. 

Ready to partner with a smart home installer and get started on your new lifestyle? Contact Relative Home Systems to discuss your upcoming project. We look forward to speaking with you!