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Why Crestron is Synonymous with Luxury Living

Give Your Home a Boost with a Custom Automation System

Why Crestron is Synonymous with Luxury Living

A luxury home is not complete without a custom smart technology solution. Now you can have control of your thermostat, entertainment, lighting and more from an elegant touchpad or your smartphone. Deciding which automation company to use is becoming as commonplace as choosing which fabric to use for your drapes. As your local Crestron dealer, we can offer you customized solutions designed to make your Houston, TX home more efficient and beautiful. Keep reading to find out why Crestron is the system of choice for luxury homes nationwide. 

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History of Excellence

One thing that makes luxury brands stand out, whether it’s a watch manufacturer or clothing designer, is their reputation. Creating a history of excellence takes time; it takes years of providing high-quality products and service to clients. No company in the home automation industry has a better reputation than Crestron which was founded over 30 years ago with the goal of creating remote control devices for projectors and drapes. Since then, it has expanded to offer top-of-the-line residential and commercial integrated technology solutions. There's a reason it's the technology of choice for the U.S. government—including the White House and military installations.

Customization Options                                         

Nothing says luxury more than customization. As your Crestron dealer, we can craft a technology solution specifically designed to meet your family's needs. You can choose exactly what you want out of your system, from the technology you include to how you want to manage it. We can create custom scenes that make it easier to host friends for an elegant dinner party or highlight your favorite architectural features. At the press of a button, you can manage lights, audio, and security simultaneously. Check out our previous blog that details some of the ways Crestron helps you personalize your system.

Best-In-Class Solutions

Crestron also offers the most comprehensive home technology solutions. They’re the only automation company to cover all products in-house from your smart thermostat to your speakers. Since all devices are specifically designed for Crestron systems, you get added reliability and scalability. If you have your own preferences when it comes to manufacturers, we can do that as well. Crestron partners with the top manufacturers in the entertainment, lighting, security, and HVAC industries. 

As your local Crestron dealer, we can give your home the luxury technology it deserves.

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