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The 4 Main Types of Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting is an excellent way to illuminate your River Oaks home, drawing attention to the beautiful architecture and providing light for outdoor entertainment. Getting started with landscape lighting means choosing the types of lights you want throughout your outdoor space. Continue reading to learn about the four main types of landscape lighting and how they can enhance your Texas home.

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Bullet Lights

Bullet lights are typically used to highlight specific areas of your outdoor space, such as topiaries, statues, or artwork. Coastal Source, the top provider of high-end landscape lighting, provides bullet lights with a built-in mechanism that allows you to adjust the scope of the light. This design enables you to shift from sharply focused light to softly diffused light within the same fixture. And with a Lutron control solution, you can manage it all from a touchpad, tablet or smartphone.

Path Lights

To help illuminate walkways, use path lights. These lights are usually elevated along pathways to shine down as you walk, ensuring you don’t trip in the darkness. The lights are capped with “hats” in various designs such as Mushroom or China, and the purpose of these hats is to keep the light from shining into your eyes. The light stays focused on the pathway, right where you want it. You can have these lights activated through motion sensors, so they’re always on when needed to eliminate tripping hazards.

Tiki Torches
Although tiki torches can also be used as path lights, they are typically more versatile and can be dispersed throughout your entertainment area. Tiki torches are typically lit with fuel, but that’s not the only option. You can get the same authentic tiki torch design with LEDs, a much safer option for outdoor areas where you don’t want to risk an accidental fire.

Specialty Fixtures
With any home, there are going to be areas you want to highlight that don’t fit within the norm of regular lighting. That’s where specialty fixtures come in. The following specialty fixture types can go a long way toward taking your landscape lighting from good to great:

  • Well Lights: Well lights are installed in the ground, and the light shines up to illuminate objects, such as the exterior walls of your home.
  • Step Lights: For the stairways around your home, step lights ensure there is more than enough light to safely walk up and down without tripping. More than just for safety, these lights illuminate the beautiful stairways that contribute to your home’s architecture.
  • Hanging Lights: Not all of your lighting comes from the ground up. Hang lights from trees, gazebos, and more to provide your guests with enough light to socialize.
  • Nose Lights: If you don’t like the look of traditional path lights, you can use nose lights to more subtly illuminate paths or other outdoor areas.

The most impressive outdoor landscape lighting designs utilize several or even all of these lighting types. To learn how Relative Home Systems can design and install a custom landscape lighting solution for your River Oaks home, fill out this quick online form today.

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