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4 Best Features of the Savant Systems App

How often do you use your phone during a given day and how are you using it? A recent Pew Research study stated that 46 percent of smartphone users couldn’t live without their phones. That’s because they’re much more than phones to us. We use them to check emails, do our online banking and even watch our favorite shows. So why not use them to control your Houston, Texas home? With the Savant Systems App, you can manage your lights, security, entertainment and more right from your phone.

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How Does Savant Systems Control Your Home?

A smart home automation system brings together all your home’s different components. Instead of buying individual smart devices, you get a comprehensive approach in which all systems are compatible and work together for optimal results. By consolidating all the technology in your home, you can centralize control to the touchpad, tablet, or smartphone of your choice. So why do clients decide to use their phones? Read on to check out some of the best features of the Savant Systems App.

1. Personalize Your System

Any successful smart home automation system should be uniquely yours. The Savant Systems App stands out in this regard. Every member of your family gets a personalized profile in which they can customize their menus. This way they can place the technology or rooms they access most at the forefront for intuitive control.

If you have the new Savant remote, you can also sync it with your app to play your favorite channels. For each room, create a go-to list of channels including CNN or ABC and sync them automatically with your remote for easy access to your entertainment.

2. Remote Access

Another great feature of the Savant System App is that you can take it with you wherever you go. As long as you have an internet connection, you have access to your home. While you’re at work, you can look in on your surveillance footage, turn off a light that was left on, and turn up your thermostat to conserve energy.

3. Simplify Control With Scenes

One of the benefits of smart home automation is getting all the technology in your home to work together. You can bring your technology together through the use of scenes. For example, have a "Welcome" scene that turns on the lights, turns down the thermostat and unlocks the door when you get back from work.

Where does the Savant Systems App come into play? You don't know when inspiration may hit. Once you find the perfect setting for any activity, simply use your phone to save the scene and pull it up at a later time. Each family member can have their favorite scenes show up on their personalized profiles for easy access.

4. Stay Informed

You don’t have to be on your phone 24/7 to stay connected to your home. Receive push notifications, texts or emails if someone enters your front door, a light is left on, or the garage door is left open.

Want to enjoy the convenience of the Savant App? Contact Relative Home Systems for a smart home automation solution.

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