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4 Reasons to Bring 4K Ultra HD Technology Into Your Home

By now you’ve likely heard of the latest standard in television technology: 4K Ultra HD. Its higher resolution offers crisper, more life-like images than traditional high-definition. We also understand if you might be wary of new technology when it comes to watching your favorite movies and shows. The last big television trend to come out, 3-D televisions, failed to take on in most households. So why is this new technology different? Read below to see the many ways it can enhance the whole home audio video system in your Houston, Texas home.

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Enjoy the Best Video Resolution Around

First of all, how does the new technology work? 4K UHD has four times the pixels of high-definition video at 8.2 million pixels. The added pixels result in sharper lines, smoother curves and more distinct colors for increased realism and sharpness. You can also sit closer to the screen without distorting the image, adding a new level of flexibility to your television viewing. Many UHD televisions also offer High Dynamic Range (HDR) for a wider range of colors, shadows and highlights.

Find a Screen to Fit Any Space in Your Home

Wondering if there’s room to bring a 4K television into your home? The new technology comes in all shapes and sizes. For example, Sony offers a wide array of options ranging from 55 inches to a whopping 75 inches perfect for a home theater. Sony also offers 4K projectors that pair up perfectly with a Stewart screen for a more authentic feel to your home theater.

Why keep the new technology indoors? Through your whole home audio video system, it's easy to set up outdoor entertainment spaces. Bring your technology out for some fresh air! Seura’s famous Storm series also offers UHD picture resolution without sacrificing any of its anti-glare features.

Ensure Top Quality With a Professional Installation

Large 4K UHD formats can be a challenge for any audio video system. You need a compatible HDMI2 cable that can carry the digital information needed to achieve the 4K Ultra HD and HDR capabilities. Our expert integrators can connect the new equipment to your whole home audio video system without losing any of the quality. We also make sure your home network meets the necessary requirements to carry the larger files when you want to stream content.

Have Access to a High Volume of Entertainment Options

Another possible pitfall with new video technologies is not having enough content to make the investment worthwhile. There’s no need to worry. First of all, 4K UHD TV’s are backward compatible meaning you can still play your high-definition content on them and see improvements in the image resolution. Of course, you won’t really experience the difference until you start viewing 4K content. Finding it shouldn’t be a problem with major players like Netflix, Amazon, Kaleidescape and many Blu-Ray manufacturers offering an array of choices.

Don’t fall behind on one of the biggest home entertainment trends! Contact Relative Home Systems today to integrate Ultra HD technology into your whole home audio video system.

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