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How to Get Audio to Your Outdoor Spaces

As we deal with the chilly winter weather, it's natural to start daydreaming about spring and heading back outdoors. We can't wait to have a barbecue with friends on the patio or enjoy a swim with the kids. Once the heat returns, why not get the party blaring outdoors with a reliable outdoor audio system? You can play your favorite music as you prepare some burgers or connect your audio to an outdoor television to enjoy some sun as you watch the game on Sunday. Read on to learn the best ways to get a high-quality, reliable outdoor audio system in your Austin, Texas home.

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Purchase the Right Equipment to Fit Your Family's Needs

For good sound, you need good speakers. For good sound outdoors, you need good, sturdy speakers built to handle the elements. We recommend going with Coastal Source, which offers a variety of product options to meet any need. Spread sound throughout your patio and backyard with bullet or bollard speakers designed to blend perfectly with their surroundings.

You can even incorporate all your speakers in a wireless Turtle audio system. The Turtle subwoofer serves as the brains of the operation and can have as many as sixteen speakers connected to it. Your smartphone or tablet will recognize the Turtle system as a network. Once you connect, you can stream content from iTunes, Spotify or Pandora.

Incorporate All Your Components into an Audio Video Systems

While the Turtle is an excellent way to bring audio to your outdoor spaces, you will get even more benefits with a wired connection. By linking your Coastal Source speakers to your whole home audio system you can get more reliable, high-quality sound. This way your selection is not limited to streaming devices, you can connect your television, CD player or even an old-fashioned turntable.

Your vulnerable components remain indoors and matrix switchers transport the high-fidelity audio signals to your outdoor fixtures. Through a wired connection, you're also not loading up your network with large files when you don't have to. Of course, no installation is black and white. Relative Home Systems can design a solution that allows for you to transition from wireless to wired audio whenever you want.

Find Out How to Install Your Speakers for Optimal Results

With a professional installation, it's easy to include a lot of fixtures and incorporate new ones without additional wiring. Where should these speakers be placed? It will all depend on how you're planning to use your system, but a good rule of thumb is including plenty of speakers to create distinct listening zones. You also want the speakers to be facing towards your home, this way the sound is strengthened by bouncing off the structure.

By bunching up speakers in zones, you can also create uniform sound in important areas like the pool or patio. You're not stuck overpowering one speaker trying to get it to fill a large space, something that could also become a nuisance for neighbors. By spreading out your sound, you can keep your overall audio at a lower volume, so you're not annoying surrounding homes. You can also isolate sound to play different music in the pool than you do by the grill without having the audio interfere with other zones.

Don't enjoy the warm weather in silence once spring arrives! Contact Relative Home Systems to begin installation on an outdoor audio system.

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