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5 Reasons to Use Coastal Source for Your Outdoor Audio

5 Reasons to Use Coastal Source for Your Outdoor Audio

One of the keys to a successful outdoor audio system is having the right equipment. You can design a great system, but if your components can't deal with the elements, then it will all go to waste. As your local Houston, Texas custom integrators we like to introduce you to some of the best AV companies in the industry. And when it comes to outdoor use, few can match the quality and reliability of Coastal Source. 

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Outdoor Specialists

Coastal Source is entirely committed to helping you craft unforgettable outdoor environments. All of their products, from lighting to audio, are focused solely on outdoor spaces. Their solutions stand out for a variety of reasons: they’re easy to install, can handle the elements, and are built with outside use in mind. They’re so popular that they’re used in amusement parks nationwide including Walt Disney World.

Comprehensive Solutions

Coastal Source offers all-in-one solutions, with everything needed to install a complete system. They have their trademark wire connectors (already built to be weatherproof, so they don't have to be spliced or coated), outdoor amplifiers, subwoofers, speakers and even durable cases where you can keep source components.

Varied Solutions

Even just within your home, different areas will require different solutions. With a variety of speaker, amplifier, and subwoofer options, Relative Home Systems can help you find the ones that work best. For example, you can use bullet speakers and a half-buried Ellipse Bollard subwoofer in your backyard for a solution that blends in with your foliage. In your patio, you can have standing 3-way Ellipse Bollard speakers with subwoofers built-in installed in each corner.

System Scalability

One of the things that makes Coastal Source stand out is the wire connectors we mentioned earlier. Through these connectors, you have a system that is easy to adjust and expand. For one, all components use the same connector. So if you want to remove a subwoofer to add another satellite speaker, all you have to do is unplug one and plug in the other. Your system will consist of a series of connectors. If you want to expand, all you have to do is add another connector to your wiring infrastructure.

Lighting Integration

It’s also easy to add landscape lighting to your outdoor audio system, so you can keep listening to music even when it gets dark. Just plug in one of their landscape lighting fixtures into the same connectors you use for your speakers and you’re set to go. You can even have lights and speakers share the same fixture to limit the amount of wiring in your system.

Get ready to enjoy the summer in style with an audio system from Coastal Source. Contact Relative Home Systems for a custom solution.  

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