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Experience High-Performance Audio Everywhere on Your Property

These 2 Areas of Your Home Should Be Included in Your Multi-Room Audio Setup

Experience High-Performance Audio Everywhere on Your Property

When we introduce the concept of multi-room audio to our clients, they often think of their main living areas and the kitchen as ideal locations to include in their setup. While those two spaces are popular, we’ve found that many clients frequently forget about two areas of their River Oaks, TX home when considering a new sound system. 

Keep reading below to learn which two rooms of your home you can’t overlook when planning for a new or upgraded AV setup. Then give us a call to get started on your very own system. 

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Dedicated Listening Room

Immersive audio and video experiences are a must for any personal home theater space or media room, but if you’re an audiophile, then we have a suggestion for your Texas home. High-fidelity audio is a nearly spiritual experience and has the capability of mentally transporting you to the front row of a concert. Having the strum of the guitar, the hum of the amp, and the steady rhythm of the drums inside your home is any rock fan’s dream.

Now imagine controlling all of the music sources and media with a simple tap of your finger. Separate areas of your home are programmed as music zones, so the kids can listen to fun pop tunes in the playroom, your spouse can jam to classic rock in the kitchen, and you can enjoy your listening room all using the same powerful audio system. A fully integrated multi-room audio system takes your favorite listening spot to the rest of your property, which is perfect for family get-togethers and parties – one press of your finger takes one song to every room of the house, including outside!

Outdoor Spaces

If you’re in River Oaks or the surrounding areas, then you’ve likely been enjoying the great weather lately. While you’re ready to start spending more time outdoors, is your backyard ready for you? If you and the family have plans to hang out poolside or finally start that flowerbed project, then it’s time to consider your outdoor AV setup.

Your multi-room audio system includes your outside spaces. With the tap of your finger, you can take the music, podcasts, or TV audio that you love indoors to your patio area. Subterranean subwoofers and satellite speakers built of corrosion-proof materials will provide excellent, yard-spanning sound without degrading due to humidity, heat, or insects over time.

To enjoy smart audio solutions throughout your Greater Houston area property, connect with Relative Home Systems now using our online form or call us today. We can’t wait to hear from you!