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How Can Crestron’s Boardroom Control Enhance Your Office?

Relative Home Systems Designs a Custom Solution for Your Business

How Can Crestron’s Boardroom Control Enhance Your Office?

Though technology has changed the way many companies do business, boardrooms have only grown in importance in the modern office. Many employees work from home and even have independent hours, but it is still pivotal for everyone to come together for group projects or company-wide decisions. Between collaborating with employees and videoconferencing with clients, a boardroom control system offers the best way to maximize the efficiency of your Austin, Texas office.  

The seasoned programmers at Relative Home Systems can boost the efficiency of your space with Crestron’s AV Framework office control system, which helps you monitor what is going on in all your conference rooms and gives you control of your audio video, lights and shades from your smartphone, tablet or touchpad. Read on to find out why a Crestron system is the best way to upgrade your boardroom.

Prepare Presentations Seamlessly

Prepare a powerful sales pitch with Crestron’s DM 3.0 Digital AV presentation and control system. With a built-in 4K scaler you can use any resolution source effectively on your display. To share presentations on the screen, employees can connect their laptop to the room’s system or use AirMedia for wireless presentations.  

The system will know what screen you’re closest to and give you display options at the press of a button so you can get your content playing quickly. With centralized control of lights, temperature, shades and audio/video, you can also prepare the room with the press of a button. Select your “Presentation” setting and the shades close, lights dim and your screen or television switches to display mode.

Monitor and Control Rooms Remotely

You can connect to a cloud-based Crestron Fusion system to monitor and manage all the conference rooms in the office. The Fusion system is the management platform that brings together control of your equipment, shades climate and energy consumption under one interface. It can be downloaded as software on a computer or accessed remotely on a private cloud service.

Book meetings and access schedules to see which rooms are being underused and which are being overbooked. With the appropriate data at your fingertips, you can make adjustments to increase the efficiency of your work spaces. You also get alerts whenever there is any equipment failure, like a component not properly connected to the system, so you can resolve it before it becomes a problem.

Get Full Control From Your Smartphone

Your smartphone can now be a principal tool when it comes to preparing and managing presentations or videoconferences. With the Crestron PinPoint Mobile App, control of your conference rooms from your phone has never been simpler.

PinPoint sensors installed in your boardroom recognize your smartphone and activate the Room Experience feature on the main display. This interface provides clear instructions on how to begin a presentation or video conference from your phone. It also provides a full schedule for the room and lets you know when you are running low on time.

Contact Relative Home Systems today to install a boardroom control system in your Austin office and change the way you do business.