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How Do You Want to Control Your Smart Home?

Find a Solution That Makes the Most Sense for Your Space

How Do You Want to Control Your Smart Home?

Ready to experience the convenience of smart home control? One of the biggest perks of a smart home is that you can manage it just the way you want. Whether you want to stick to traditional remotes or adopt the latest voice-command technology, it’s all up to you. Depending on your preferences and your family’s unique needs, we design a solution that makes the most sense. Below are some common control options that could be included in your Austin, TX home.

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Touchpads have traditionally been the control option of choice for smart home automation systems. Even within the touchpad category, there are a variety of options you can go with. You can start with a small touchpad—similar to a tablet—mounted on a table or have touchpads mounted on walls throughout your home. Some larger touchpads can even be used as televisions as well. No matter the size, all touchpads would have the same intuitive menu designed by the experts at Relative Home Systems.

Mobile Apps

Most automation companies also offer mobile apps. Transfer that same intuitive menu from your touchpad onto a tablet, smartphone or desktop. Many clients like to use their smartphones to control their home since they can get remote access. You have control even if you’re at work or across the globe. Pull up your phone to activate your alarm, lock doors or look in on live surveillance footage no matter where you are.

Smart Scenes

From your menu, whether on a touchpad or smart device, you can create smart scenes. These scenes can manage multiple components at once. Create a “Welcome Scene” that disarms your alarm, turns on the lights, and switches the TV to the evening news when you return from work. These scenes can be activated from the device of your choice or be scheduled to happen at a given time each day.


One of the coolest things about investing in a smart home is that you can even get hands-off control. One way to do that is to use the scheduled scenes we mentioned earlier. Another way is to install sensors throughout your home. Motion sensors can turn on lights when you walk into a room and turn them off once you leave. Photosensors can also be used to limit your energy usage. When sensors detect natural light is available, your shades open and artificial lights turn off to conserve energy.

Voice Control

One of the biggest trends in the smart home industry is the use of voice control. You’ve likely seen the commercials for Amazon Echo, which lets you control technology and access information through voice commands. You can also use voice commands in your Crestron system to manage the technology in your home. For example, save specific voice commands for scenes. When you leave the house, simply say, “Away Mode” into your dedicated touchpad to turn all lights off, lock all doors, and activate your alarm.

Whatever smart control option you feel works best for you, we can make it happen. Contact Relative Home Systems for a technology solution designed with you in mind.

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