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How to Optimize Voice Control in Your Smart Home

Combine Crestron’s History of Excellence with Amazon’s Reliability

How to Optimize Voice Control in Your Smart Home

Throughout its illustrious history, Crestron has always been at the forefront of smart home technology. It’s no different with the emerging popularity of voice control. The home automation company offers voice control options in its wireless touchpads and has partnered with Amazon Alexa for a whole home solution. As your local Crestron dealer, we highlight the importance of this new partnership and the best ways to optimize voice control in your Memorial, TX home.

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The Perfect Combination of Luxury and Efficiency

As we’ve mentioned in earlier blogs, Crestron offers unparalleled versatility when it comes to designing smart systems for your home. Meanwhile, Alexa offers voice services that go beyond simple commands. You can access personalized settings that have been custom-designed for your home. Using Crestron’s open-ended programming and Amazon’s cloud-based software, engineers from both companies have collaborated to create a voice control experience that mirrors the intuitiveness and reliability offered by Crestron’s remotes, touchpads and mobile apps.

Taking Advantage of Voice Control Capabilities

We can help you incorporate Amazon Alexa into your home automation system to give you hands-free control of your technology. Through a professional installation, you can manage lights, security, entertainment and more without even having to raise a finger. To get the most out of this new feature, we’ve included some common voice control tips below:

  • Location, Location, Location: Make sure that your Alexa device is properly located so that your voice commands are picked up consistently. Avoid relying too much on your voice control devices in areas where there is too much noise, like a child’s room or patio.
  • Find the Right Use for Voice Commands: While it may sound cool at first to use voice commands for every little action in your home, consult with your home technology professional to see what works best. For example, you may not want to use a voice command to browse your television channels. It’s more intuitive to use a remote. Meanwhile, a voice command is great to turn on lights when you walk into a room with your hands full. We help you figure out which control options to include in your smart home.
  • Upgrade to Smart Scenes: Want to control multiple components with one command? Create scenes that control multiple devices, like a “Movie” scene that dims the lights, closes the shades and turns on your flat screen TV. This is where Crestron’s programming expertise comes into play. Its open-ended software and compatibility with a plethora of smart devices makes it easy to create scenes that are specific to your family’s needs. Then all you have to do is say the scene name and Alexa does the rest.
  • Be Careful With Your Scene Names: Though Amazon Alexa and Crestron’s own voice control-activated touchpads offer top-quality microphones to recognize distinct commands, you still want to make the job easy on them. Make sure you create distinct names for your scenes so your system does not get them confused. For example, avoid having “Good Night” and “Good Morning” scenes, instead make them “Sleep and “Wake Up.”

As your local Crestron dealer, we help you take advantage of the latest Amazon Alexa integration to bring comprehensive voice control to your smart home. For more information, feel free to fill out our online contact form.