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Specialty Video

Specialty Video

Consumer electronics is one of the fastest evolving segments in all of the electronics industry. The demand for thinner, light, higher resolution televisions with lightning-fast processors has created a new breed of displays.

If you consider how radically video technology has changed in the last 20 years alone, it should be no surprise that televisions are now living up to the futuristic movie scenes we all watched on the big screen.

So while the race for the thinnest display on the market has some people choosing form over function in terms of video quality, we suggest taking a more logical approach…

Television Lifts


Choose what all the videophiles have for years…Plasma. Just picture your plasma screen set it in motion with a popup or drop down lift, concealed in a custom piece of furniture for the ultimate in home technology. Cabinet Tronix offers a vast selection of traditional and contemporary cabinets that are transformed to house your flat screen television.


Stewart Filmscreen StarGlas


Looking for a massive screen or 2.35:1 format that can’t be achieved with even the largest flat screens tv’s? Look no further! We can custom install a rear projection Stewart Filmscreen StarGlas with a hidden projector suited for many environments including outdoors.



Seura Mirror TV



If you have gone to great lengths build a beautiful kitchen or master bath but do not want an exposed, wall-mounted television, then consider a custom-built mirror television by Seura.

If any of these video solutions solve any dilemmas you have, please give us a call. At Relative Home Systems, we definitely think  outside the box.