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Stay Connected in Your Home Office with Smart Home Automation

Relative Home Systems Integrates Your House With Small Business Solutions

Stay Connected in Your Home Office with Smart Home Automation

Just because you’re home from the office doesn’t mean you’re done with work for the day. Running a small business or private practice means you’ll need a dedicated space in your Woodlands, TX home for working on everything you need to wrap up a project or close a case. Smart home automation can transform a room in your house into a productive working environment by helping you stay connected with everything you’ll need. Take a look at how smart automation by Relative Home Systems can enhance your home office space.

Utilize Audio/Video for Telecommunications

Working from home doesn’t mean that you have to break off all communications with the outside world. Stay connected with the employees, co-workers and even overseas clients with a strong telecommunication system. See clearly with UHD cameras streaming pristine images to your 4K monitor or television. Hear everything with in-wall speakers throughout your office space, so you don’t have to be glued to your desk if you need to speak to someone. And when you’re on the go, have the video and audio streamed right to your tablet or smartphone.

Create an Automated Waiting Room

If you regularly have clients or patients coming to your house, you’ll need some way to address them when they arrive, and smart home automation offers a solution. An HD intercom will tell you exactly when they arrive and allow you to speak to them without even leaving your office. Combine your HD intercom with outdoor audio to stream music onto your porch, and turn it into a functioning waiting room. And unlock the door from your desk with an automated entry system to give yourself an added sense of security. With smart home automation, your clients and patients will be happier and safer when they visit your home office.

Add Privacy with Smart Lighting and Shading

Sometimes when serving clients or patients in your home office you’ll need to add more privacy in a given situation. Motorized window treatments and smart lighting can create a more confidential atmosphere so that you and your patient feel more at-ease. And they can both be grouped into a specific “scene” on your control device, which will means you can set them with just the touch of a button. It’s an efficient, easy and intelligent way to make your home office a professional and productive working space.

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