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What Can I Do with an Automated Home?

Learn How Relative Home Systems Can Help You Make Your Whole Home Work in Your Favor!

What Can I Do with an Automated Home?

You may have seen a Jetsons or Looney Tunes episode growing up showcasing houses that cleaned themselves and cooked dinner with the press of a button. One button fed the kids breakfast, then voila – they’re sent off to school on a conveyer belt out the front door, or something like that. While this style of automatic home may seem outlandish or even downright silly, the idea of an automated home isn’t.

Homeowners will still need to clean up their homes themselves, but their lighting, shading, security, and entertainment are only a button tap away with whole-home automation. Keep reading below to learn how total home control and automation through Crestron Home can make your life easier – and make your Austin, TX home work for you!

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Automate The Everyday Things

Think of how much time you walk around your Austin-area home to open and shut blinds and turn lights on or off throughout the day. It may not seem like much, but the time adds up, especially if you have a larger home. Instead, imagine tapping your finger on a customized wall keypad that complements your décor to send your lights and shading into a beautiful response in mere seconds.

You could also incorporate your whole-home audio system into your Crestron Home control system. Designate areas of your home into music zones, so the kids can listen to their Top 40 playlists upstairs while you and your partner relax outdoors listening to low-key tunes – all using the same system! And for your next party, set every zone to the same fun streaming Spotify station, dim the lights to a warm glow, and lower the shades for privacy from nosy neighbors. One home automation system can control your whole home, making your Central Texas lifestyle easier than ever.


Comfort and Convenience Within Seconds

When it comes to living life luxuriously in Austin, comfort and convenience are a must-have! When you incorporate your lighting, shading, security, and home network into one easy-to-use control system, life has never been simpler. Imagine pressing a button to initiate a sequence of events from all of your smart devices. A “Wake Up” scene raises motorized shades to the perfect height to allow natural sunlight into your living spaces, brightens interior lighting to help energize you for the day ahead, and tunes your audio system to your favorite news or music station.

With another tap, you can raise or lower every window shade in your home or schedule them to do so on their own to maximize natural sunlight without letting the rooms get too hot from the Texas sun outdoors. Need to go away for the weekend? An “Away” scene will ensure lights turn on and off even when you’re not at home, tricking potential thieves into thinking you’re at home when you’re not.

If you’re ready to experience the joys of automation instead of only seeing it in action in science fiction films and TV shows, then connect with us here to get started on your Crestron home! We look forward to hearing from you.


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