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Why Go with a Pro for Your Smart Home Installation?

Here are the Top Three Reasons

Why Go with a Pro for Your Smart Home Installation?

Given the wide availability of a plethora of smart home devices from security to lighting, you might think this is an area where a professional is not needed. Can't you do a smart home installation in Dallas on your own?

You certainly can. But if you run a business, you may need the services of an information technology professional either full time or for specific help. Why? Because they know how to install and maintain complex systems, and you have other responsibilities. Think of smart home automation the same way – you could do it yourself with off-the-shelf technology, but if you want a system that works consistently and smoothly, there are compelling reasons to hire a professional smart home company.

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Simplified, Unified Control

If you’ve acquired any smart device, it’s almost a given that it comes with its own control app. App control is useful and convenient, but if five devices have five different apps, things can start getting confusing.

The ideal situation is to have one app, not five, to control your smart home. The power of an intelligent home is not in having a collection of smart devices; it is in having your smart functions work together to provide the convenience, comfort, and security that comes from well-orchestrated automation.

A system like Crestron Home gives you the unified, uncomplicated control that fulfills the promise of smart home automation. You get one app interface for all your intelligent functions. Moreover, you have other options, like elegant wall-mounted keypads and AV smart remotes that are customizable for your way of controlling your home. 

Supreme Customization

A professionally installed smart home system lets you tailor your environment to your lifestyle. For example, one-touch on a wall-mounted keypad might fire up your spa, turn on outside lights around the spa and gardens to a soft setting, and put on a favorite playlist for a relaxing soak. Or, for a movie night, a voice command could trigger the lights to dim, the AV system to turn on to all the correct input, audio, and video settings, adjust the thermostat to the preferred temperature, and lock your smart-lock equipped doors.

Can you do these things with off-the-shelf technology? Sometimes, but often it takes time and much work to achieve any measure of consistency. Some devices don't offer up all their smart capabilities to be triggered by other apps. Another common problem is software updates that tend to make automation sequences disappear, or continuously ask you to verify login credentials and disrupt automation that you expect to work consistently.

A Foundation to Build Upon

Smart home technology is not static; it is constantly evolving. If you don't want to reinvent your smart home wheel often, you need the right foundation. A smart home professional understands how smart technology is evolving, and knows how to lay the foundation to make it easy to extend your smart home functionality as new capabilities emerge. That may involve installing commercial-strength networking equipment to ensure everything in your smart home can stay connected and have the appropriate network bandwidth and priority to function correctly. It may also mean wiring your home with cabling that will serve your smart functions now and for future devices and capabilities.

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