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What are the Benefits of Smart Home Automation Beyond Convenience?

What are the Benefits of Smart Home Automation Beyond Convenience?

A number of research firms have predicted varying growth rates for the smart home automation industry. But regardless of the exact figures, the experts agree it’s growing, and rapidly. So what are the key features of home automation, beyond convenience? Here we’ll cover five features of smart home automation for your Memorial, Texas home.

1. Manage your home from near or far

How often do your plans change with little to no notice? With home automation, you have the ability to adjust settings quickly and easily from nearly anywhere using your smart device. Not going to be home in time to take the dog for a walk? You can unlock the door for a neighbor or friend who can take your four-legged friend out for you. Once they leave, easily lock the door arm the alarm, and turn off lights from your office PC or tablet. With remote access, you can monitor your home’s environment both inside and out and turn lights on or off, adjust the thermostat, close the garage door and so much more.

2. Control your home with sleek and stylish options

You and your family are unique and the way in which you interact and control your home can be tailored to meet your individual needs. Press a button on a portable touchscreen, use a handheld remote or a wall-mounted keypad to adjust the music, thermostat or turn on the hot tub.

3. Tie devices together for a unified system

Each day we interact with a plethora of different devices—TVs, Blu-ray players, lights, shades and so much more. Their ability to work together is where home automation excels. Experienced integrators like the folks at Relative can program subsystems to work together. At the press of a button, you and the family are ready to call it a night as doors lock, shades lower, and the security alarm activates.

4. Start small or outfitting your entire home

Because home automation is scalable, you can automate a few subsystems or a few rooms in your house to start and expand it as your needs change. The way you live in your home today is probably different from how you lived in it 5 years ago. As technology evolves and as your family grows, so too can your home automation system. Whether you want to include new rooms or new technology in the future, it’s possible.

5. Reduce your family’s carbon footprint

A smart home automation system will help you save energy and cut utility costs. There are a number of energy savings solutions that can be implemented like occupancy sensors, whole home lighting control, motorized shades, and HVAC settings.

Want to learn more about smart home automation and the benefits that await you and your family? Contact us; we have many years of experience helping families enjoy their homes with automation.

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