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4 Great Lighting Control Scenes for Your Home

Create the Perfect Environment at the Press of a Button

4 Great Lighting Control Scenes for Your Home

One of the coolest things about having a home lighting control system is the ability to create pre-set scenes. These scenes let you manage multiple fixtures at once so you can set the perfect environment to watch your favorite movies or simply make it easier to wake up in the morning. Using scenes not only makes your Austin, TX home more efficient, but it can also help enhance its style.

Instead of needing multiple switches on the walls to control your lights, you can have an elegant keypad on the wall with each button corresponding to a specific scene. Another great thing about scenes? They’re uniquely yours. The experts at Relative Home Systems can create scenes that match up to your specific activities and preferences. In this blog, we give you some ideas to get you started.

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Wake Up

Schedule a scene that slowly turns on your lights and opens the shades to wake you up in the morning. If you’re a deep sleeper, you can incorporate your whole home audio so music begins playing through your in-ceiling speakers until you get up. Assign a button in your keypad to turn off the scene. By having to get up to turn it off, you’re less likely to fall back asleep.

Movie Night

The right lighting scene can help you recreate a true theater experience in your home. A “Cinema” scene slowly dims the lights and closes the shades when you hit play. Small LED lights then guide the way to the exit in case anyone has to refill their snacks or take a bathroom break. Whenever you hit stop, the lights turn back on and the shades open.

Welcome Home

Lighting scenes work best when they’re incorporated into your home automation system. For example, you can have a ‘welcome’ scene that is activated after you put in your security access code. This way when you open your front door the lights in the foyer and living room are already turned on and the shades are open to let in natural light.


Whenever you expect to be out of town for a long time, a ‘Vacation’ scene will make it seem like someone’s still home to dissuade robbers. It does this primarily by turning lights on and off and opening and closing shades at random intervals or according to your typical routines.

Change the way you interact with your home’s lights by embracing the power of smart scenes. Contact Relative Home Systems for a custom lighting control solution.